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ABT Lures Multi Rig System

ABT Umbrella Rigs

The ABT Lure Company Multi-Rig System is the only umbrella rig on the market with interchangeable wires and a swimming head design. It’s uniquely engineered and Patent Pending removable wire harness allows you more versatility than any other! With a little imagination you can create multitudes of life-like “Bait-Ball” configurations to fit any fishing condition or state/country regulation. Each ABT Lure Company Multi-Rig Starter Kit comes with everything you need to create your “Ultimate Umbrella Rig” including a standard ABT Lure Company 5 Wire Multi-Rig, 5 perfectly matched ABT Lure Company Multi-Minnow Swimbaits and 5 “Tiered” ABT Lure Company Multi-Jig Heads. Also included is a bonus ABT Lure Company Multi-Minnow Swimming Head Tail that can be easily attached to the back of the ABT Lure Company Multi-Rig Head to create the most realistic rig ever! Additional interchangeable accessories such as Buzz Blade, Spinner Blade, “Teaser”, Fixed Jig Hook and Titanium Wires Arms are also available making the highly adaptable ABT Lure Company Multi-Rig System the most valued Alabama Rig on the market today!

ABT Hard Swimbaits

Looking for realistic appearance and life-like action? You can't come any closer to the real thing than ABT Lure Company's new Banshee Swimbait. This new narrow-profile, jointed hardbait is available in a variety of "Natural Image Transfer" finishes that perfectly replicate the colors and patterns of actual forage fish. Even more impressive is the way this lure swims. Thanks to its four jointed sections and unique design, you can fish the ABT Lure Company Banshee anywhere in the water column, at any speed, and it will deliver the same incredible "undulating" action. Steel hinges, instead of plastic, ensure unsurpassed durability.

ABT Crankbaits

ABT Lure Company's "Next Generation" X-2 ushers in a new era of crankbait fishing performance. It gets down to the strike zone fast, hugs bottom structure, and swims with a tight wobble that bass can't resist. And, thanks to its proprietary design, the ABT Lure Company X-2 also takes the "work" out of working deep-diving cranks. This innovative lure has been specially engineered to reduce resistance upon retrieve. That translates into less fatigue and a much more enjoyable day on the water. Available in a variety of enticing colors/patterns, including baby bass, perch, sexy shad and hot-stamped foil.

ABT Topwater

The proprietary design of ABT Lure Company’s new single-jointed “King Dawg” lure makes it easy to “walk the dog” effectively and generate explosive topwater results. The latest addition to ABT Lure Company’s “Next Generation” series, this surface bait produces the kind of action opportunistic bass can’t resist. No special talent required. Just twitch the ABT Lure Company King Dawg slowly and watch the jointed sections and forked “tail” generate a perfect “walk the dog” presentation. Unlike one-piece baits designed for this application, the ABT Lure Company King Dawg makes “walking the dog” essentially effortless. This lure’s irresistible action is complemented by its unique tail, which kicks up just the right amount of splash to entice hungry predators. All you need to do is stay alert for the impending violent strike.

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