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Accurate Reels

Saltwater Conventional Reels

The Accurate Platinum TwinDrag™ two-speed reels are simply the finest built and most rigorously tested offshore reels available to serious big-game fishermen. Designed to be light weight yet extremely durable, they offer unique features that represent state-of-the-art technology not found in any other fishing reels. Complementing the reel’s ultra-smooth and highly efficient Accurate TwinDrag™ system is a unique, graduated alphanumeric visual reference scale that works in conjunction with the preset lever to enable precise drag range settings. That, in conjunction with the reel’s two-speed Accurate QuickShift™, which allows for an easy transition between high and low gears, gives anglers a decided advantage when fighting powerful, fast fish like big wahoo, tuna and marlin. Of the reel’s seven sealed stainless steel ball bearings, five are positioned in the spool and two in the reel handle. Because the dual-drag design reduces side load, these bearings consequently receive less side pressure, allowing them to perform smoother and last longer. Once you’ve leaned on a big bruiser with our Accurate Platinum TwinDrag™ you won’t want to fish with any other reel.

The Accurate Boss Extreme TwinDrag reels offer fishermen the ultimate in versatility. Light tackle anglers will love their effortless, precision casting capabilities with exclusive Accurate AccuCast, and once hooked up, the ease in which they can control the fight with a responsive lever drag. Medium to heavy tackle anglers, on the other hand, can crank down hard on the Accurate TwinDrag to battle the largest game fish with heavy, braided lines. The exclusive Accurate TwinDrag system also supplies ultra-smooth drag operation, which results in fewer broken lines and less pulled hooks. With fourteen Accurate Boss Magnum models to choose from, we have the perfect size reel to handle small, medium and larger size game fish from calico bass, halibut, redfish, bluefish, barracuda and king mackerel to big striped bass, sturgeon, yellowtail, dorado, amberjack, wahoo, tuna and billfish.

The Accurate Triple Dawg reels were developed for a core group of anglers looking for a specific reel design built on the function and design of the old double dawg reels. Accurate took it one step further and put an additional dawg in the design making it a triple dawg reel that sees one dawg always engaged in the gear for maximum stopping power. With the other two additional dawgs they offer anglers a double back up knowing that if they see a problem in the first dawg’s connection on the gear there are two more that will be ready to spring into gear for instant stopping power. These dawgs are a solid piece of stainless steel that are independent of any bearing function different from other reels on the market, and are continuously engaged. With today’s ever changing fishing techniques pushing small reels – big fish philosophy these reels give those anglers the piece of mind knowing the stopping power is there.

Saltwater Spinning Reels

Using TwinDragª technology, Accurate has created the Accurate TwinSpin, the world's only true TwinDrag spinning reel designed for super heavy-duty angling performance. Machined from the same high-grade materials as other Accurate reels, the Accurate TwinSpin has the strength and heat dissipating qualities to beat the kind of big, powerful fish like marlin, tuna and wahoo that you otherwise wouldn't think to challenge with a spinning reel.

Other features to maximize leverage include a power handle, a unique, adjustable pre-set knob on the front of the spool to precisely control drag tension, and a rugged, manual bail mechanism for picking up line. Available in a 6:1 high-speed retrieve ratio, the Accurate TwinSpin 30 lays more than 50 inches of line on the reel spool with every full revolution of the reel's handle (also available in a 4:1 higher torque ratio). A series of circular, machined holes around the skirted spool serves to reduce heat build-up, and helps trim the reel's weight. The Accurate TwinSpin 30 & Accurate TwinSpin 12, with a smaller profile, are now both available.


New from Accurate Fishing Products is a rugged Offshore Cutters/Pliers combo offered in two sizes, a 7- and 8-inch model. The Accurate Offshore Cutters/Pliers are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and will cut virtually all sizes of monofilament line, single-strand and multi-strand wire, plus high-tech braided lines.

The Accurate Piranha 7-inch model, at 4.8 ounces, is ideal for cutting all sizes of nylon monofilament, plus braided lines and light wire. The Accurate Piranha 8-inch model, at 5.6 ounces, has greater cutting power and is well suited for mono, all single- and multi-strand wire, and all braided lines from “micros” to “super” sizes. Made to last a lifetime, both models have been shop-tested to hold sharpness after hundreds of cuts, leaving no frayed ends in braids down to as thin and light as 30-pound test. Self-coiling lanyard and protective Accurate Cordura™ sheath optional.

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