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Bass Patrol

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Bass Patrol Deflection Jigheads Bass Patrol Rubber Football Jigs Bass Patrol Silicone Football Jig

Bass Patrol Jigs

Bass Patrol Jigs by Pacific Catch are high quality hand-tied jigs that are designed with the finesse fishermen in mind. The smaller scale and shorter hook design allow a smaller trailer to be used and produce more strikes when it is a tough bite!

Bass Patrol Jigheads

Bass Patrol Deflection Jigheads are designed to cover lots of water in a short period of time. The free moving, pivoting, swiveling hook attachment on the football head allows the bait to 'deflect' in random directions as it bumps into any available structure. Similar to fishing a crank bait, the most common time to get bit is during these deflections. Use the following technique to get the optimum use of the Bass Patrol Deflection Jighead: make a long cast, in flats with scattered rock bottoms for example, reel in slowly, keeping in contact with the bottom but fast enough to keep the bait moving. You will notice the Bass Patrol Deflection Jighead comes equipped with a recessed line tie to help protect the knot area from abrasion, rig it with your favorite creature or beaver-style bait. Available in several colors.

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