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Basstrix Swimbaits

The Basstrix paddle tail swimbait is like none other. Basstrix swimbaits were the first of the hand poured hollow body baits. Like their hand poured worm cousins, the colors and finishes were beyond anything injection molded. The was a shine and a shimmer to the lure that only the hollow body design could give. Their hollow body design and soft plastic composition allowed them to swim at slower retrieves. The softness of form and construction also made them feel "squishy" and lifelike when a bass sucked one in; and the bass ate them up! This ground breaking lure just begged for an innovative rigging system. Sure, like any other swimbait you can impale them on a jighead and go at it, but rigging them "Texposed" style really lets these lures shine forth in all its glory. There are two styles of hooks that work well with the Bassrix: 1) the weighted wide gap worm hook like the Falcon Lures Bait-Jerker hook or the Gamakatsu weighted EWG Monster, and 2) the newer, innovative twistlock hooks such as J.P. Jigs' BassTwitchers hook and Owner's weighted Twistlock Beast hook. By popular consent, Basstrix lures tend to catch larger than average bass and can be considered a big bass bait. These lures are best fished with a firm rod and stout line. Don't say that we didn't warn you should you decide to throw this bait with wimpy tackle!

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Basstrix Paddletail Swimbait 5inch Basstrix Paddletail Swimbait 6 Basstrix Paddle Tail Swimbait 7" - 3pk
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