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Berkley Floating Micetails Berkley Gulp Saltwater Sandworm Lure

Soft Plastics

Berkley soft baits are designed for the sole purpose of helping you catch more fish. Berkley's soft bait product portfolio provides you a wide variety of highly effective choices from pro designed bass baits all the way to scientifically engineered baits with scent and flavor technology that encourages fish to strike and hang on longer. One thing we promise is that all of our Berkley soft baits have been fish tested and angler approved.


The Berkley PowerBait scent and flavor impregnated into baits is tasted by fish upon biting bait. Fish hang on longer for more positive hook sets. The more a fish bites the more scent is dispersed into the water. PowerBait products are available for nearly every fish species and fishing technique.


Berkley offers a variety of snaps, swivels and snap swivels under the Berkley and 7Strand brands to meet the needs of freshwater or saltwater anglers.


Berkley attractants and dips provide anglers with an increased edge when it comes to catching fish. Berkley attractants make any bait taste and smell alive. Berkley products enhance bait effectiveness whether it's a soft bait, hard bait, or live bait. At Berkley, our passion is to help you CATCH MORE FISH!

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