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Big Hammer

Hand Poured Swimbaits

The Big Hammer swimbait is the most popular of all the Big Hammer swimbait sizes. Originally designed for calico bass fishing off the coast of Southern California and Baja Mexico, the 5 inch Big Hammer swimbait proves daily that not only is it one of the best lures for calico bass but it is an excellent lure for nearly all species that inhabit the inshore and offshore waters of the West Coast. On the East Coast it is quickly becoming a very popular bait for large redfish in the South and striped bass in the North. The Big Hammer swimbait is also a great freshwater bass bait with an 18 lb. largemouth and 8 lb. spotted bass to it's credit.

Big Hammer 6.5" Swimbait


Big Hammer jig heads use Mustad Ultra-Point hooks for maximum penetration, and premium paints for a finish that is resistant to chipping and toothy critters. We do not recommend rigging any Big Hammer multi-colored hand-poured swimbait on a Big Hammer jig head with a bait holder that has a diameter which is more than half the width of the swimbait.

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