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Crabbing Bait Pin Brutus Ace Line Hauler Castable Crab Snare - Unweighted Castable Crab Snare - Weighted
Bait Pin
Our Price: $1.99
Brutus Ace Line Hauler
Our Price: $649.99
Crab Float Four Arm Trap Harness Hi-Seas Aluminum Sleeves 50pk Mason Hard Type Nylon
Crab Float
Our Price: $9.99
Four Arm Trap Harness
Our Price: $6.99
Mason Hard Type Nylon Monofilament Leader Material 100 yards Promar 100 Ft And 1/4-Inch Diameter Poly Rope Promar 32-Inch Deluxe Hoop Net Promar Collapsible Crab-Fish And Crawdad Trap
Promar Folding Crab Trap Promar GL-200-Latex Palm Grip Glove Promar GL-L Orange Fillet Glove - Large Promar Vinyl Coated Wire Bait Cage
Pucci Crab Measuring Gauge Wa Or Ca Scotty 650 1/2 Litter White Bait Jar Smelly Jelly 811 8oz Crab Feast


Catching crabs is a good introduction to fishing for small children, even the most fretful ankle-biter seems to quieten down when crabbing. You will need, crab line, a bucket that will contain your crabs ( in seawater) for boasting purposes, a long handled net, some bait.... bits of fish, squid pieces, bacon fat and rind all work well, crabs are not fussy eaters. You can buy crab lines from tackle shops and gift shops in any seaside town, these have a line on a winder, a weight, one or two wire booms each with a short length of nylon line and a small hook. A safer and altogether more successful outfit is this; a small drawstring bag of the type used for some washing machine tablets, string and a pebble from the beach to weight the bag. Place some fishy gunge in the bag with the pebble, tighten the drawstring, attach a length of string and there you have a perfectly safe and effective bit of kit for the ankle-biter. The crabs will get tangled in the mesh of the bag and will be most reluctant to let go.

The technique will have to be learned; drop the rig down the side of the wall or pier, wait for a while and gently, gently pull the line up hand over hand with no jerking which will cause the crabs to drop off. As soon as you can, position the net under the crab so that if it lets go it will drop in the net.

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