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Catching Rockfish on Scampies

Types of Rigging for rock fish:

  1. All Around Fishing Rig for Rockfish
    • When rigging the scampi, keep the flat side down.  This fishing rig will help slow the sink to the bottom.
  2. Deeper Water Rigging
    • When fishing in deep water, the fishing rig should be created with the flat side of the scampi facing up.   This scampi fishing rig will help slow the sink to the bottom.  Be warned, this is a fast sinking fishing rig.
  3. Short Strikers
    • Shorten the scampi body so that the hook comes out of the scampi tail.   This will give you a better chance of hooking rockfish that are biting your scampi tails!

Quick Tips for catching rockfish:

  1. Don't be afraid of experimenting with depth and speed of retrieval.  Remember, Rockfish can act differently depending on the species and time of year your fishing these rigs.  
  2. Color sometimes DOES make a differance!   Always carry an assortment of colored scampi baits to try with your rockfish fishing rig.
  3. Sharp and Hard: Keep Hooks SHARP and set the hook HARD!  Fish hold on to the soft bodies so tightly that hooking a rockfish, among other species, can be a challenge with this fishing rig.

"Good Fishing!!" - Hippo Lau

We are making our exclusive Hippo Lau's School of Fish rigging diagrams available for download by clicking on this Rockfish on Scampies Fishing Rig link. You also have the ability to view, print and save using the object below.

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