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Catching Sand Dabs

Pacific Sand Dabs are a flounder-like fish with similar species all over the world including the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.  Around experienced fisherman, you may hear them often referred to as "sandies", "san dabs", "sandabs", and "sand dabs".  These fish are exciting to catch due to there flat shape and strength. While not part of the same family, the adrenaline they give the fisherman can be similar to catching a halibut or flounder.  Oh yea, they taste good too!   This type of fishing can offer the saltwater fisherman a most enjoyable time if done right.   Please download Hippo's custom dropper loop set-up to help you land a big sand dab!

Terminal Tackle and Fishing Accessories needed for Sanddabs:

  1. Surf Leader
  2. Snelled Hook
  3. Sinker

Tips for catching sanddabs:

  1. Look for Sand Dabs on sandy bottoms with a little bit of current.  
  2. Avoid Rocky Areas when fishing for Sand Dabs.
  3. Sand Dabs will bite just about ANYTHING including shrimp, squid, mussels, pieces of anchovies and other baitfish.   The BEST BAIT is usually pieces of sea worms such as pile worms or blood worms.   Sand dabs love the sea worms!
  4. For best results during your sanddab adventure, keep your bait on the sandy bottom.  If you don't get a bite within a few minutes, it is time to move your sanddab setup to a new sandy area (No rocky areas).

"Good Fishing!!" - Hippo Lau

We are making our exclusive Hippo Lau's School of Fish rigging diagrams available for download by clicking on this sand dab rig link. You also have the ability to view, print and save using the object below.

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