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D&M Custom Baits


The D&M Punch Craw is 4.25 inches, heavily salted and is made specifically for punching the thickest of Vegetation. The Straight legs on the punch craw allow the bait to slide through the vegetation without catching/hanging up in the muck. The D&M Punch Craw comes in a variety of fish catching colors.

D&M Crazy Craw Series are a soft yet firm plastic lure perfect to use as trailer on you favorite jigs worked along the bottom, flip bait or as a punch bait into the heavy cover. The D&M Crazy Craw Series is available in a dozen colors and two sizes; 3.75″ & 5.0″.

The D&M Flippin Craws feature a soft body that is large for it’s size with plenty of bulk for even large flipping style hooks. We also wanted pincher claws to fold up on the strike, making for better hook ups. The plastic formula is super soft and floats which gives the D&M Flippin Craw the lightest movement for all the action needed for the bites. Take notice of the very small ribs on the pincers, this catches the water and the little fingers on the inside of the claws make the bait just quiver on the fall. Shake your line just the slightest of movement and the legs quiver.


The D&M Delta Hammerhead Buzzbaits are available in 1/2oz. Every D&M Buzz Bait features Unique high flash blades, a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook and are finished off with high quality colored skirts. The D&M Double Hammer Buzzbaits are available in 1/2oz. Every D&M Buzz Bait features Unique high flash blades, a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook and are finished off with high quality colored skirts. The D&M Slow Roller Buzzbait is designed to give off a softer tone underwater and no other Buzzbait can come close to getting that slow retrieve on the surface. The DM Slow Roller comes standard with a 4 blade prop and D&M’s high quality Long Tail skirts in 9 colors. This deadly combination give bass a sound and sight of something that really gets the injured bait fish reaction. The D&M Slow Roller also features a 5/0 Gamakatsu Hook and is available in 3/8oz & 1/2oz.

Swim Jigs

The D&M Custom Piranha Swim Jig is made with the professional angler in mind. Super high quality components compliment the fantastic fish catching colors. 1 per pack, each piece comes with a solid 5/0 Gamakatsu hook, stainless snap, unique color blade system with flash, and a plastic trailer. The Super Mag Series is for the already popular Piranha swim jig series from D&M Custom Baits. 1 per pack, each piece comes with a huge oversized 8/0 Gamakatsu Black Nickel Hook, stainless snap, 2 realistic red inset eyes, unique color blade system with flash, and a plastic trailer finish off one of the best vibrator baits in bass fishing.


The D&M Sniper spinnerbaits are available in three sizes and styles; 3/4oz, 1oz, and 1.5oz. Every D&M Sniper spinnerbait features a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook, Worth swivels, an integrated bait keeper, piano wire (0.32d for the 3/4 oz, and 0.35d for the 1 1/2 oz) and are finished off with high quality colored skirts.

Creature Baits

The D&M “Super Newt” – I want to give all of our friends a heads up on our new Swim Bait. Our new bait will be several creature baits rolled into one. 1st off early springtime will be the first test, as a bed fish bait and or swim bait. It is a cross between a Salamander, Frog, Lizard, Tadpole. Fishermen will find this plastic creature bait has some real big bass appeal. We designed this bait for year round use. Giving fishermen the option of customizing the shape on any given day. We also made it, so that if damaged you could start cutting off appendages. When you want to make a Cash Call? Call on the D&M “Super Newt”!


The D&M Super payday 1/2oz. jig features raised red eyes, multi colored skirts, two tone heads with flake, 8/0 Gamakatsu hook ready to fish and is designed for dead sticking. It requires no action at all. This Jig will stand up on it`s own and by adding a floating trailer you can give this jig an even more upright hook position. In addition the soft weedguard makes for an all aroung Jig. The 8/0 Gamakatsu hook will give you the bigest bite when using large plastic trailers. When you have to get paid, you had better be using the D&M Super Payday Jig!


The D&M Topwater Dawg can be used as a subsurface trailer, rigging it either Tex-Posed, hook exposed or buried into body. The softness and scents used in the bait, makes for a good mouth full of bass candy. The body is medium softness which makes for lightning fast kicks from the double tail legs with the utmost in durability. The amount of kick from the legs can be changed in just a few minutes by boiling the legs for only 1-3 minutes. The D&M Topwater Dawg can be rigged for so many different styles of fishing and while fishing the D&M Topwater Dawg it may get torn up. This will allow you to keep using it as a modified version, such as cutting the feet off and using it as a double tail grub or pull the legs off completely for a more compact trailer.


D&M Magnum Long-tail Punch Skirts are sold in 2 count packs with inserts. These skirts have a soft plastic core that bonds to the skirt,making it very long lasting. A 1/6oz metal insert that gives off a clicking sound when used with Tungsten Weights is also included. Although the D&M Magnum Long-tail Punch Skirts were primarily designed to be used as a punching set up with whatever weights you prefer, you can also use the skirts on any of your tackle that require a skirt such as Buzzbaits, Spinnerbaits, Jigs and Chatterbaits.

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