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Daiwa Casting Reels

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Daiwa Exceler Casting Reels Daiwa Lexa 100 Casting Reels Daiwa Lexa 300 Reels
Daiwa Lexa 400 Reels Daiwa Luna Baitcasting Reel Daiwa Millionaire-S Baitcasting Reel
Daiwa PX TypeR Baitcasting Reel Daiwa Steez EX Reels Daiwa Tatula Reels
Daiwa Zillion with TWS Casting Reels

Daiwa Casting Reel Models

Daiwa Aird

Daiwa AIRD100 Lo Profile Reels are the state of the art reel in the industry today. The new standard has been set, and you need to get this in your hands. The AIRD100 is versatile enough to meet all of your fishing needs with dependability and value pricing. The AIRD100 reels are super light weight and have hand fitting comfort features that are unsurpassed. You get the durability of a lifetime reel that is expected with the name of Daiwa. Both right hand and left hand models are available.

Daiwa Laguna Baitcasting Reels

Hand fitting comfort and performance are combined in this easily affordable reel.

Daiwa Exceler Baitcasting Reels

These are no ordinary reels. Like the name infers, these baitcasters excel. They go far beyond the call of duty. And while they're offered at a price the average angler can afford, there's nothing "average" about them. These stand-outs deliver a level of smoothness, power and performance that's unmatched by any other reels in their class.

Daiwa Lexa Baitcasting Reels

Holding 240 yards of 40 lb Samurai braid—and with a 22 pound drag max, new Lexa 300 sized reels are built for strong lines and big fish. Salmon, Muskie, Striper, Steelhead, and most flats and saltwater inshore tasks, Lexa 300 sized reels handle it all with a full choice of high power and high speed retrieve ratios. Bass to Walleye, Redfish and Trout, 100 sized reels are perfect for most freshwater and light saltwater applications.

Daiwa T3 Ballistic Baitcasting Reels

Offering T-Wing and Magforce 3D system performance at a price within most angler’s reach, T3 Ballistic is an excellent value in Daiwa technology, matched by a full range of Ballistic rods.

Daiwa Zillion Baitcasting Reels

Specially designed for crankbait fishing applications, these reels offer a slower, high-torque gear ratio of 4.9:1. For the powerful retrieve needed to work a wide variety of plugs with efficiency and ease. Superior smoothness and reliability are also part of the package, thanks to six ball bearings, including anti-corrosion CRBB bearings, and a roller bearing. Plus, casting performance, durability and precision that are uniquely TD Zillion. 

Daiwa Pixy Baitcasting Reels

Daiwa PX68 is specialized on super finesse fishing, 1/8-3/8oz rigs, and light line of up to 10lb test mono. It is equipped with the best material and component available for the finesse fishing purpose. The original finesse fishing reel, Pixy is now souped-up with new Magforce Z brake sytem, 80mm carbon crank handle, and 6.8:1 high gears. It weighs only at 5.7oz, as light as the Daiwa high-end Steez. The performance proven Magforce Z system ensures you the comfort in casting.

Daiwa Steez Baitcasting Reels

Light weight meets “light speed” in our new Magnesium-bodied 103SHA and 100SHA Steez baitcasters with blazing fast 7.1:1 retrieve. The lightest baitcasters of their kind are now also among the world’s fastest. Cast all day long without fatigue. Rip lures back to the boat and cover water with incredible ease. Overtake big bass with unmatched power, precision and performance. You won’t want to fish with anything else.

Built for large fish, these low-profile, fresh and saltwater reels offer a broad range of performance and durability features, plus the casting efficiency and control of Magforce®-3D.

Daiwa Millionaire-S Round Reels

Long Distance Surfcasting Reels With proven, record-class performance in European casting competition, there are simply no finer off-the-shelf reels for casting maximum distance in the surf. Both are built in Daiwa’s Japanese factory to ensure maximum quality control. To control the high-performance spools of these reels, capable of reaching speeds up to 30,000 rpm, Magforce Z (called Magnofuge in Europe) applies smooth magnetic braking as the spool approaches maximum speed to prevent over run, backing off as the spool slows. The result is the spool starts and builds speed faster, then keeps spinning longer. And the amount of control is fully adjustable to meet varying conditions and your particular casting style.

Daiwa Luna Round Reels

Feel the heft—the solid feel of precision. Make a cast—absolutely awesome! These are Daiwa’s finest traditional-shaped baitcasters, built for those heavy cover and open water top-of-the-food-chain fish that demand heavier line and heavier muscle—fresh or saltwater.

Daiwa Pluton Round Reels

They may be pint-sized, but Pluton reels are packed with amazing power. Don’t hesitate to spool them up with braid and take on oversized, hard-fighting game fish. The kind some anglers dare to challenge only on heavier tackle. Everything about these reels—from the incredibly solid, yet lightweight, one-piece aluminum frame, to the super smooth, ultra-consistent multi-disc drag—is built to handle the extra pressure, torque and punishment. Big fish—light tackle—think Pluton.

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