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Daiwa Millionaire Conventional Reel - Long Distance Surfcasting Reels With proven, record-class performance in European casting competition, there are simply no finer off-the-shelf reels for casting maximum distance in the surf. Both are built in Daiwa’s Japanese factory to ensure maximum quality control. To control the high-performance spools of these reels, capable of reaching speeds up to 30,000 rpm, Magforce Z (called Magnofuge in Europe) applies smooth magnetic braking as the spool approaches maximum speed to prevent over run, backing off as the spool slows. The result is the spool starts and builds speed faster, then keeps spinning longer. And the amount of control is fully adjustable to meet varying conditions and your particular casting style. Shop Daiwa Millionaire Mag Casting Reels

Daiwa Luna Conventional Reel - Feel the heft—the solid feel of precision. Make a cast—absolutely awesome! These are Daiwa’s finest traditional-shaped baitcasters, built for those heavy cover and open water top-of-the-food-chain fish that demand heavier line and heavier muscle—fresh or saltwater. Shop Team Daiwa Luna Baitcasting Reels

Daiwa Saltiga Conventional Reel - The fine diameter and strength of today’s braided super lines lets you pack a tremendous amount of fighting power into a compact reel. It also puts incredible strain on gear trains and drags designed for monofilament. That’s why these Saltiga conventionals feature beefed up components within a super-rigid frame machined from solid bar stock aluminum. Reels just don’t get any tougher. Shop Daiwa Saltiga Drag Reels

Daiwa Saltist Conventional Reel - Built For Today’s Super Braids Introducing Daiwa’s new Saltist™, with the features and rugged “Full-Metal Jacket” construction demanded by today’s ultra-strong braided lines and mono. Choose from standard 4.9 to 1 retrieve or new ultra high speed 6.4 to 1 retrieve models that rip in over 47 inches of line with every crank, just the ticket for Kingfish. Shop Daiwa Saltist Conventional Reels

Daiwa Seagate Conventional Reel - These new reels make use of a corrosion-proof composite frame and side plates to house a rugged, work horse gear train. Aluminum spool starts fast but is kept in control by centrifugal brake system. A great, all-around reel at a very reasonable price. Shop Daiwa Seagate Star Drag Reels

Daiwa Sealine Conventional Reel - When it comes to tough-built ocean reels, nothing even comes close to Sealine. Piece by piece, there‘s no shortcuts, just rock-solid construction. So you don’t need to add custom frames or metal side plates to make them hold up to your style of fishing. Or custom drag washers to handle record class fish. They’re already built in. Built to take it, there just isn‘t another ocean reel worth. Shop Daiwa Sealine Conventional Reels
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