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Daiwa Morethan AGS

Length # of Rod Weight Lure Wt Line
Model (ft) (m) Sections (oz.) (g) ( oz.) ( lb.)
86LLX 8' 6'' 2.59 2 4.02 114 4-15 5-14
88M 8' 8'' 2.64 2 4.55 129 7-40 8-20
99MH 9' 9'' 2.97 2 5.19 147 10-60 12-25
121M 12' 1'' 3.68 3 6.70 190 10-50 10-20

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
Daiwa-Morethan-AGS-0002 Daiwa Morethan AGS - AGS 86-LLX Short Bite Commander
(Out of Stock)
Daiwa-Morethan-AGS-0003 Daiwa Morethan AGS - AGS 88-M Shooting Commander
(Out of Stock)
Daiwa-Morethan-AGS-0004 Daiwa Morethan AGS - AGS 99-MH Blue Backer Commander
(Out of Stock)
Daiwa-Morethan-AGS-0001 Daiwa Morethan AGS - AGS 121-M Distance Commander
(Out of Stock)
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Additional Information:

The Three Advantages of AGS

1. Lightness

2. Toughness

3. Futuristic Appearance


Long cast distance and accuracy brought about by lightweight guides

For the first time in the world, DAIWA has succeeded in shaping guide frames from carbon

material. Carbon material is the standard of today’s fishing rods because of its rigidity and

lightness, but shaping it into the shape of guide frames needs special techniques. The advanced

machining technology of DAIWA has created new guide frames which are lighter in weight than

conventional frames by roughly 20 to 40%.

Titanium frames are commonly used today, but DAIWA researched the best shape for fishing and

developed original titanium frames as well as carbon frames. DAIWA has also developed guide

rings made of ultimately thin titanium plate and mounted it to carbon and titanium frames,

resulting in the lightest guide system ever developed. The images to the right depicted the

difference in guide weights, a size 30 AGS guide weighs 2 grams whereas the size 30 Fuji SIC

weighs 5 grams, that is 2 1/2 times the weight of AGS. This makes an enormous difference to

blank performance. The new Tournament AGS 701LFS uses 7 AGS guides, these total only 4.4

grams for the whole set! Thus the set of guides is lighter than one Fuji 30 guide.

The merits of lightweight guides are the longer casting distance, this is due to the ability to cast

faster and improved casting accuracy due to the quick convergence of rod tip vibration. In other

words, anglers can cast a lure much farther and more accurately. If we divide a rod into the blank

part and the grip part, AGS lightweight guides contribute to reduce the weight of the blank part


Not only is it light, but also it reduces stress on angler’s hands. AGS brings countless advantages in

all aspects of fishing from casting a lure to retrieving it with greater sensitivity.


Rigid guides bring advanced sensitivity

Carbon is three times more rigid than titanium when compared of the same weight.

Carbon frames do not absorb line vibration, but they transmit it directly and clearly to the angler’s

hands in conjunction with a lightweight rod.

Carbon has higher rigidity than titanium and greater sensitivity which

conveys even the slightest fish bites to angler’s hands through a line.

Futuristic Appearance

Functional beauty of carbon material

Anglers who have seen images of AGS guides believed these to be the “coolest” looking guide

ever available. The unparalleled presence of an AGS guide brings great satisfaction to those who

wish to possess them.

No conventional metal guide frame can match the futuristic design of AGS developed by the

world’s finest carbon machining and processing technology of Daiwa. The pursuit of toughness

and the lightest carbon guides has created even functional beauty. It is possible in the future that

carbon material will be the new standard in guides.

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