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Daiwa is the manufacturer of high quality rods, reels, lures and accessories for all types of fishing including freshwater and saltwater species. Daiwa's first spinning reel rolled off the assembly line in 1955. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest and most influential tackle companies in the world today. Daiwa continues to lead the industry in innovation and design leading them to become one of anglers' favorite brands. From the very beginning, Daiwa's emphasis has been upon innovation and quality. The result is a long list of product features, design and materials that have become standards for the fishing tackle industry. It is a long-standing record of innovation, the type of innovation that has left a visible mark on the majority of tackle manufactured today, innovation that continues to advance the sport of fishing.

Daiwa Reels

Daiwa produces high-quality reels specific to many different situations. Aside from casting and spinning, Daiwa reels are mostly built specifically for saltwater or freshwater fishing.

Daiwa Freshwater Casting Reels
Freshwater Casting
Daiwa Freshwater Spinning Reels
Freshwater Spinning
Daiwa Saltwater Conventional Reels
Saltwater Conventional
Daiwa Saltwater Spinning Reels
Saltwater Spinning


Daiwa produces high-quality rods specific to many different situations. Daiwa rods are mostly built specifically for saltwater or freshwater, but there are also Daiwa rods made for certain lures such as Jigs, Swimbaits, Topwater, etc.

Freshwater Casting

Freshwater Spinning

Saltwater Casting

Saltwater Spinning


Beyond the reels and rods they're known for, Daiwa also makes Daiwa Samurai Fishing Line, fishing lures, tools and accessories. Be sure to check out Daiwa's other products here.



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