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Decoy Swimbaits

The Decoy Swimbaits HydraTail is a five inch trout profiled bait featuring a tail with a unique, rectangular shape designed to kick from side to side and just about any speed while the front three quarters of the bait remains virtually motionless. The Decoy Swimbaits HydraTail is rated as a slow sink bait and weighs a total of one point one ounces as measured in our lab. This is a weight just about any heavy powered and even some medium heavy powered bass stick can handle. With the Decoy Swimbaits HydraTail, at a medium paced retrieve, the side to side action of the tail grows more pronounced, but the bait continues to run true. Increase your cadence to a full burn and the body of the bait still remains stable while its tail flies from side to side. The Decoy Swimbaits HydraTail passes the most important test of any bait this style.

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