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Boomerang Snip Finger Saver Rings by Daiichi-Seiko P-Line Spooling Assistant
P-Line Spooling Assistant
Our Price: $14.99
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Title: Quick Product Review: Daichii-Seiko Finger Savers
Post by: lunchbox on July 11, 2011, 02:43:33 AM
These things are freaking amazing. They retail for 8.99, and I can tell you that getting 2 of them is WELL worth the $18.00. Out of deference to any of the folks who moderate this board I will not post a link to the only place I have found that sells them.

Basically they are metal rings with a wide groove cut out in to them. This groove is coated in rubber, which grips the line very well, especially after 3 or so wraps. I use them to cinch down my knots for all of my fishing applications. They are especially helpful with braid to leader connection knots, and the double Uni knot *as named by Stephen Pineau*. I have scars up and down my index fingers from line slicing in to them. These will eliminate that problem. No more superglue to seal cuts, or funny residue from several wraps of electrical tape. Just slide them on, tie the knots, and slide them back off. Oh, I should mention that my Albright knots are nice and tight now, they easily fly through my micro guides on my rods.

Again, WELL worth the $18 I paid for them, and I know a few fisherman who may be getting these for Christmas.


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