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Maxima Fluorocarbon Leader Material P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon Leader 25 Meters P-Line Soft Fluorocarbon Filler 250 Yards
P-Line Soft Fluorocarbon Bulk Spool 2000 yards Seaguar InvizX Fluroocarbon 200yd Seaguar InvizX Fluroocarbon 1000yd
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Seaguar AbrazX 1000yd Fluorocarbon Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Leader 25yd Seaguar AbrazX 200yd Fluorocarbon Seaguar Blue Label FC Fluorocarbon Leader 25yd
Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader Seaguar Fluoro Premier 25yd Big Game Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon 1000yd
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 1000yd Seaguar Blue Label FC Big Game Leader 30m Seaguar Pink Label 25yd Fluorocarbon Leader
Sunline Super Fluorocarbon Sunline FC Biwako Guide Special - 100 M - Clear Fishing Line Sunline Shooter Metan Fluorocarbon Green Fishing Line
Sunline Shooter Metan Fluorocarbon Invisible Fishing Line 100 M Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Clear Fishing Line 200 yards Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon Natural Clear Fishing Line 100 M
Sunline Reaction Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 200 yards Sunline Finesse Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 200 yards YGK Nitlon Darm Fluorocarbon

Characteristics of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Good and Bad of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line


There are many kinds of fishing lines available. Fluorocarbon lines, a type of monofilament line, have been used by fly fishermen for a good while but have been adapted by bass and other fishermen fairly recently. This line is made by combining a carbon base (polyvinylidene fluoride) and other materials to form a line that is almost invisible underwater since its refractive index is the same as water. Therefore it is very useful in clear water.

Benefits of Fluorocarbon Line

Invisibility Under Water - Light goes through fluorocarbon fishing line the same way it goes through water since the refractive index is the same for both. Fish are often line shy, especially in clear water, and invisible line helps overcome this problem. In clear water you are more likely to get bites if you are using fluorocarbon line. You can even get fluorocarbon swivels that are invisible.

Density - Fluorocarbon line sinks in water so it helps get your bait down more quickly. That is positive when using a bottom bumping lure like a jig or worm, and when fishing a crankbait.

Lack of Stretch - Most monofilament lines stretch but fluorocarbon does not stretch much. So, on long casts it makes your hook set more effective. It also helps with your “feel” of the cover when fishing jigs and plastic worms, and you can feel a bite better.


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