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G. Loomis Pro-Blue Saltwater Conventional Rod - Knowing that you might run into a genuine “monster of the deep” at any time is what makes saltwater fishing special. It’s what makes you go back, time after time, sea-sickness be damned. It’s the competition and the quarry, it’s big fish on “not so big” gear, it’s kicking your buddy’s butt time after time or just sharing “quiet time” on the water. No matter what your excuse, saltwater fishing can be about as exciting as it gets. Our goal is to help you enjoy the experience, but it doesn’t have to be work. Pro Blue stand-up rods are designed to make your day on the water a lot more enjoyable. At the end of the day, we’d rather have you concentrating on photographs and memories, not sore muscles. These aren’t your average stand-up rods. They’re a blend of the traditional flats rods and bay rods with cork handles, heavy-duty Fuji reel seats, Fuji guides and blanks designed with dynamic, fast-actions that allow you to wrestle big fish without any distractions or malfunctions. These are truly specialized rods. We put a lot of effort in their design and we’re confident you’ll feel the difference immediately. They may feel like lightweights because they are, but there’s a power so intense and so mystical that you’ll wonder how we did it. That’s our secret and your advantage. Shop G. Loomis Pro-Blue Saltwater Conventional Rod

G. Loomis Greenwater Saltwater Conventional Rod - Picture yourself on a beautiful emerald green saltwater flat in the Bahamas, fishing for bonefish or maybe a little deeper slot near the edge of the flats in sunny Cancun. Better yet, suppose you've just poled onto a big flat near the 7-Mile bridge. OK... WAKE UP!! We're just setting the mood here. How often do you find rods that are not only made for a very specific fishery, but also reflect that image in the color of the blank. That's what our Greenwater Series is all about. It's more than just a great light saltwater fishing rod, it's a fishing experience. The core models feature our proprietary "fiber blend technology" and have Fuji chrome Alconite guides. Three models offer the ultimate in light weight and sensitivity with our proprietary GLX performance. They feature the light and virtually indestructible Recoil guides. These are not your normal shallow-water rods - these are high performance spinning and casting rods designed to fish in the skinny water where the fish come to eat. We put these rods in three groups... the "standard" Greenwater rods (GWR) for fishing live or cut bait; the "popping" Greenwater rods (GWPR) for bait or small soft plastics and the "magnum taper" Greenwater rods (GWMR) for fishing spoons, soft plastic jerkbaits and jigs. There are a few models here that are designed for bigger fish and a little deeper water. They're all light weight, sensitive and sneaky powerful! Shop G. Loomis Greenwater Saltwater Conventional Rod

G. Loomis Popping Conventional Rod - The Popping Rod series was originally designed to cast live shrimp under a popping cork for saltwater flats species like seatrout and redfish. As anglers will, they quickly discovered these rods worked exceptionally for fishing soft plastics and small jigs for bonefish, small snook and other flats regulars. They have soft tips that allow the bait to land quietly, even on long casts. They come in various lengths for different fishing applications including artificial lures such as spoons, bucktails or surface lures. In spite of their featherweight feel, these are surprisingly strong rods capable of handling large fish, including that occasional small tarpon or oversized snook. They feature quality cork handles, Fuji reel seats and Fuji guides. The reel seats have blank-thru construction, with a “cutaway” in front of the trigger, exposing the blank for additional sensitivity on the casting models. Actions vary from moderate-fast to extra-fast. Guides are oversize to allow for heavy knots and shock tippets. There are eight 1-piece and two 2-piece spinning models, along with four 1-piece casting models. Shop G. Loomis Popping Conventional Rod

G. Loomis Pelagic Saltwater Conventional Rod - Welcome to the top of the food chain… at least in fish terms. This is the insanity we know and crave as anglers. It's all about survival of the fittest. Our Pelagic rods are made for fish that are insane in their own right... tuna, sharks, billfish, yellowtail, stripers, GT's and the like. We don't make the real big sticks, choosing rather to focus on rods where light weight and great fish-fighting dynamics are critical. You fight these monsters one on one... standing up or using the chair. Its all about power... power enough to manhandle big seagoing critters that only have one thing on their mind and that's whatever it takes to get away. These rods are really light! Much lighter than you'd expect. Rods that give you a magical, almost mystical feeling of control. Some might call them our heavy artillery, but we just call them our Pelagic Series. Three models have "slick-butts" for ease in getting them out of the rod holder, critical in a trolling situations, and five are made for stand-up fishing, but they too will fit in most rod holders. These are not for the faint of heart. It's 'Fear-No-Fish' time!!! Shop G. Loomis Pelagic Series Conventional Rod

G. Loomis Halibut Saltwater Conventional Rod - There are a lot of big powerful rods you can use for halibut fishing. The problem is... they tire you out long before you tire the fish out. That's where our time on the water, talking with charter captains, guides and serious anglers in Alaska & British Columbia, along with fishing every chance we get, really pays off. Is power important? You bet! Is balance important? Yes! Is light weight important? You better believe it! Is it possible to have all three? IT IS NOW! We've always been known for light weight solutions to hard-core fishing situations, but this time we've taken it to the limit with this unbelievably light and powerful stand-up halibut rod. AFTCO Superlight roller stripper guides and tip-top with heavy-duty braced conventional guides team up with a powerful blank and handle system that is balanced to perfection. Now you can relax and enjoy catching those "barn doors" without all the strain and discomfort. You won't believe a rod this light can be so powerful. Shop G. Loomis Halibut Saltwater Conventional Rod
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