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Jigging Technique from a Drifting Boat

The Butterfly Jigging System uses tackle designed to attract and detect bites from even the most finicky of fish. It's an action/reaction system designed to allow you to savor the invigorating feel of every movement while retrieving the lure. The feel of the bite is similar to the feeling of electricity flowing through the rod with every movement of the fish exaggerated, due to the sensitivity of the tackle.
Follow These Steps
  1. Cast the Butterfly Jig down the current, wind, or drift direction.
  1. Let the jig sink to the bottom.
  1. Begin retrieving with jigging technique motion.
  1. Retrieve the jig several yards from the bottom.
  1. Let the jig sink to the bottom (Repeat steps 4&5 several times with each cast).
  1. Once line is even, or under the boat, retrieve the jig and cast down the current or wind to start process over.

Butterfly - Regular/Flat-Side

Jigging Action: The Butterfly technique requires a precise motion to impart the right fish catching action to the jig. This technique works for both conventional and spinning tackle with the same results.

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