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Jackall Iprop

Jackall Iprop


Jackall Iprop

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Jackall-Iprop-0001 Jackall Iprop - HL Wakasagi
Jackall-Iprop-0002 Jackall Iprop - IS Bluegill
(Out of Stock)
Jackall-Iprop-0003 Jackall Iprop - IS Chartreuse Back Glitter
(Out of Stock)
Jackall-Iprop-0004 Jackall Iprop - IS Ghost Minnow
Jackall-Iprop-0005 Jackall Iprop - IS Threadfin Shad
Jackall-Iprop-0006 Jackall Iprop - Oikawa
Jackall-Iprop-0007 Jackall Iprop - Secret Shad
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Additional Information:
<h1>Jackall Iprop</h1>
<p class="padT10">
The I-Motion technique is expanding with the
introduction of the Jackall I-Prop 75S. The Jackall I-Prop 75S was
created to fish multiple levels of water, from just below the surface to
targeting bass in the middle range. The horizontal position of the lure
gives it a realistic appearance while the perfectly placed props keep
the lure stable under water. Two props give out vibrations in the water
mimicking the same vibrations bait fish make when swimming unthreatened.
Specially designed props also give out the perfect resistance when
retrieved to keep the lure in the hit zone longer. Continuously
innovating, Jackall's design of the rear hook eye virtually eliminates
tangles with the hooks and prop allowing you to cast out and fish worry
free. The new inner-scale design also gives of a different flash
attracting bass from a distance. Jackall's new I-Prop 75S is the
ultimate finesse bait that will sure get you bass when the conditions
are tough!
<p class="padT10">
Prop setting is perfect to keep the lure horizontal<br/>
Rear hook positioned so it does not interfere with the prop<br/>
Prop gives moderate resistance to keep it in the strike
zone longer
<br/>Type: Sinking<br/>Length: 3 inch<br/>Weight: 3/10oz<br/>

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