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Jackall Lures is a Japanese Fishing Lure company started by pro fishermen and lure designers from the other major Japanese bait companies. Jackall is dedicated to creating innovative fishing lures using the latest in engineering technologies. Their ability to create and produce prototypes quickly and their collaboration with immediate pro staff in the field allows them to release some of the most technologically advanced and finely tuned fishing lures in the industry. Jackall Lures USA lures have been field tested in the U.S. and are proven to catch fish in the states.

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Jackall Ammonite Shad 5.5 inch Jackall ASKA Crankbait 60SR Jackall Bling 55
Jackall Clone Fry Jackall Cover Craw Jackall Softbait Cross Tailshad Lure 4-Inch
Jackall Soft Bait Flickshake Lure 4.8 inch Jackall Soft Bait Flickshake Lure 5.8 inch Jackall Soft Bait Flickshake Lure 6.8 inch
Jackall Flickshake 9.8 inch Jackall Gantarel Jackall I Shad - 6 per pack
Cody Meyer Video Jackall Iobee Frog Jackall Nose Jig Head - 3pk Jackall Pompadour
Jackall Sasuteki Craw Jackall Scissor Comb Jackall Super Crosstail Shad
Jackall Superpin Tail Jackall Weedless Wacky Jig Head - 3pk
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