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Lazer Trokar

Lazer Trokar sent an elite team of engineers to collaborate with those people whose job it is to make things very sharp, and very reliable: a high-tech producer of surgical needles. With that knowledge, Lazer Trokar's engineers designed a geometric triangular point to penetrate faster and easier. Then honed all three edges to surgical sharpness. The result? A Lazer Trokar hook that penetrates twice as fast as any other. Dramatically improving strike-to-hook-up ratios, and in turn, your chances of nailing more fish. But sharpness wasn’t all they were after.
 Lazer Trokar wanted a hook that would be strong and reliable in a fight even using braided line. So they worked with pro-fishermen. With their input, Lazer Trokar used higher carbon, cold forged steel and a bolstered shank design for added strength during aggressive hook-sets. Then put the steel through a unique heat treating process that adds impact resistance, and just the right amount of flex to resist breaking while you’re muscling’em to the boat. Then, just to make sure, Lazer put their technological wonder through its paces in the real world with those same tournament pros. The result? Lazer Trokar, a hook for those who aren’t 
simply out to catch fish, but are out to win.

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Lazer Trokar Flippin Hook
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