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Lowrance Tips and Tricks

For those of you that own the newer units there are a lot of hidden features that you can release to help you out while on the water. I own the Lowrance LCX-111C HD unit but almost any Lowrance unit that has Mapping and Sonar can benefit from these.

First of all download the emulators that Lowrance has on there site, I couldn't get the 111 to work on my computer so that's why all the pictures show the LCX -26 unit. You can do almost anything with the emulators that you can do with your unit, so you can play with the unit on your PC before you ever hit the water with it.

For those of you that freak out over the transducer going click, click, click, in the water while anchored down rather than shut down the unit completely you can simply go to full mapping and the sonar is shut off while your in mapping mode.

While your in mapping mode, if you hit the exit button three times real fast a analog speedometer will pop up along with the miles you have traveled, I haven't been able to figure out how to reset the odometer back to zero yet but I'm working on it. The speedometer is fully functional and just looks cool if your out cruising on the water. Now granted my boat is never going to see 100 mph so that also can be changed. I did noticed that the last time I was out on the river that this speedometer had changed on it's own looks like it takes your top speed and then renumbers the ticks on the dial

If you have slots  on your unit for cards go to Best Buy or Staples and purchase a MMC/SD card reader and writer and a 512 MB card I have a Sandisk type unit very small and compact but very powerful, you don't have to use a Lowrance card reader to be able to read the cards, what you need to do is  first insert the MMC/SD card into the GPS and use the Browse MMC Files menu. Select the option for MMC/SD card info and choose Create ID file. This will then place a hidden file on the card that you will never see call ID.dat. With this ID file created, the memory card can then be used with a non-Lowrance supplied card reader you can download maps from Lowrance then upload to your unit, or better yet upload it to your emulator then you can add waypoints or routes and change all kinds of things on the map then upload to your unit. You can also share waypoints with friends by sending the chip back in forth in the mail.

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