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Megabass Arms World Limited Rods


Megabass Arms Challenge World Limited Rods

The Megabass Arms Challenge World Limited rods are now available as a custom build. These rods are limited to a worldwide production of 100pcs so don't miss your chance! Rods need to be paid for in full at time of order and cannot be canceled or changed once the order is placed.  The lead-time depends on production schedule (as they are generally built after orders are placed), so please allow 1-2 months for delivery.

These are a custom build so for each rod, you need to specify LEFT HAND or RIGHT HAND grip in the notes section of your order (the one you hold the rod with, not reel with).

Arms World Rod Models

A5105X Go-Ten

5'10" Casting
Megabass Arms World A5105X

Masterpiece "Goten" was a thing of the immovable fame first original Destroyer will revived in modern dressed armed of new technologies. conclusion of the latest ARMS was jig head knock in the long shaft increasingly is, that piercing in pitching by compact swing by taking the distance than the flipper, the clearance of jungle cover the intricate variety. I have reached the short length that brings sense of unity that was synchronized with the arm motion of the angler. Well, strike zone of mosquito Bu~a Fish narrows it comes to tough situations. It is at times like that, Goten will demonstrate the destructive power. Shaft power of the best part to overturn the common sense of the short rod is intended only ARMS.


6'7" Casting
Megabass Arms World Rod A6704X

Unique Fast taper design One of the major tactics of modern bass fishing, the pursuit of fishing to make it eat certainty by the write Texas and no sinker approach due to high specific gravity worm, the sensitivity to extreme, make it eat without having to play a fine Kisubaito, high sensing performance has enabled the game ultra-sensitive material can image even the structure. Tip sensitive and mild, show power in situations tough must control the slow and delicate high float shallow crank. It is playing shaft sensitive essential to the competitor to face the tough field.

A6903X Hien

6'9" Casting
Megabass Arms World Rod A6903X

Low-volume production rod that gained popularity in the tip sharp and nimble action, long distance Bait finesse model that inherits the gene original Destroyer Phase II of "Hien". Hien is nil for power lost feel to be too impaired to pursue a delicacy often seen in finesse bait rod only. Robust power feel in butt section and berries, has been answered in high dimension to the needs of the competitor that wants challenged to cover more aggressively. Of course cover approach Sumoraba and Nekorigu, it is medium light special corresponding fully to light plugging of make it eat and SHADING-X.

A6104X Elseil Type Arms

6'10" Casting
Megabass Arms World Rod A6104X

In order to survive in harsh competition scene, in a stress-free operation of the "roll", "shoot", shaft that allows more and more essential. Pursuing exhilaration shaft length on the heels of seven feet coming off swing at light astounding. Ultra-high tension blanks of the best part is to enable the sharp lure action to cut the weed, reduce of the retrieve resistance of high pitch crank is finished with regular taper natural to produce high torque in fight with the big size. Inherit strongly masterpiece of Kitai, the feeling of Evu~orujion "Eruzairu" is a fast moving versatile of the new generation.

A6115X Diablo Type Arms

6'11" Casting
Megabass Arms World A6115X

ARMS version High power over Diablo inherited the power versatile performance flagship model of Evu~orujion of "DIABLO". power potential of the best part of 7-axis blanks brings you, exert overwhelming hooking power to repel the other in the long distance. High performance attack from fast moving game, jig, Texas to fill a wide range is attractive. Rod balance for butt end and tip, was optimized get down to cut by several inches comma seven feet shaft is accomplished in shaft length more maneuverability and long distance castability to surpass the 7 feet over the rod.

Lure Weight
1/8-1/2 oz
Fine Bronx
Elseil Type Arms
Diablo Type Arms

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
arms-world-limited-0005 Megabass Arms World Limited - A6903X - Hien
arms-world-limited-0004 Megabass Arms World Limited - A6704X - Fine Bronx
arms-world-limited-0002 Megabass Arms World Limited - A6104X - Elseil Type Arms
arms-world-limited-0001 Megabass Arms World Limited - A5105X - Go-Ten
arms-world-limited-0003 Megabass Arms World Limited - A6115X - Diablo Type Arms
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