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Optimum Baits

Soft Swimbaits

Optimum Bait Co. and Lucky Craft have combined their talents and creativity to introduce two new soft plastic lures-the Opti Shad and the Victory Tail. The series adds an exciting NEW Double Diamond's tail with the "Wandering fall" of Lucky Craft's Wonder hard bait. It's available in 2"& 4". Unlike other lures in its gene, the deepest part of its body is also the widest part of its body. The bulge creates a distinctive body roll and frantic kicking motion even at ultra-slow speeds. The Victory Tail features an elongated minnow style body, but instead of the paddle tail it has a forked tail section. It is available in both 3" & 5" sizes and like the Opti Shad, can be fished with a variety of techniques, including drepshotting, weightless, Texas rigged, Neko rigged and the splitshot rig. Both lures will be available in 10 ultra-realistic color patterns.

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