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Bass Fishing Tips: Crawfish, Plastic Worms, Smallmouth Habitats and Catching the Big One

Bass fishing tips are swell to learn, but a pain the butt to keep track of. So many different tricks and techniques have proven efficient and effective to somebody somewhere that they will swear their little secret is the Holy Grail to reeling in the biggest bass in the water. Some bass fishing tips are applicable to just about any conditions, whereas other tips are only good for certain types of bass or certain kinds of fishing. The best thing to do is keep a bass fishing tip log into which you write all the hints and secrets you come across. You never know when you might be fishing for bass that calls for just that one specific piece of advice.

Bass Fishing with Crawfish
Fishing for bass with a bucketful of crawfish in the boat is a game of wait and see. The preferred methods for hooking crawfish for bass fishing are to fix that hook right through the eyes or to find the meatiest part of the tail and stick the hook there. The important bass fishing tip at play here is to refrain from injury since the entire enterprise of bass fishing with crawfish is dependent upon some lively action of your bait. Casting with crawfish is best accomplished with an overhand softball lob directed toward whatever structure in the water you have set your eyes on as a bass gathering spot. Take a tip from Fountains of Wayne and allow the crawfish to sink to the bottom before taking up the slack so that you give just the slightest little bow to the line.


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