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Penn Sargus Spinning Reel - The Sargus reels are built Penn tough – with a rugged corrosion resistant aluminum alloy body, side plate and rotor, as well as powerful features on the inside. These reels feature high speed gearing for moving baits quickly and fighting fish with efficiency. The Sargus series of spinning reels is well suited for many types of fishing in both fresh and saltwater. Shop Penn Sargus Spinning Reels

Penn Battle Spinning Reel - Not many reels are good enough to carry the Penn name. But the new Battle spinning reel from Penn is built with all the quality and workmanship the brand has delivered for over 75 years. Shop Penn Battle Spinning Reels

Penn Slammer Spinning Reel - The Penn Slammer has been designed and engineered to handle the new era of super lines. With the goal of building the most durable spinning reel and knowing all the requirements of durability and power expected from such a product, Penn engineers designed a frame from a special high-strength aluminum-alloy that provides the housing for the powerful gearing system of the Penn Slammer. Realizing that anglers would be exerting greater drag pressures due to the growing popularity of braided line, it was decided that the main support shaft for the spool would need to be drastically oversized and triple-supported throughout the frame so that alignment and balance would not be compromised under the most intense pressure. The Penn Slammer has become the spinning reel of choice for saltwater fishing’s most critical anglers – professional guides and charter captains. Shop Penn Slammer Spinning Reels
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