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Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size

Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size

Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size

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pro-cure-super-gel-2oz-002 Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size Carp Spit
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pro-cure-super-gel-2oz-003 Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size Herring
pro-cure-super-gel-2oz-004 Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size Inshore Saltwater
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pro-cure-super-gel-2oz-006 Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size Shrimp
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pro-cure-super-gel-2oz-007 Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size Squid
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pro-cure-super-gel-2oz-005 Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size Sweet Craw
pro-cure-super-gel-2oz-001 Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size Trophy Bass
pro-cure-super-gel-2oz-008 Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants Scents 2 oz. Size Trophy Trout
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Features :

Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants 2 oz. Size

  • High Performance Gel Scent
  • Super Sticky
  • Super Strong
  • Super Effective
  • Super Gel
Gel scents have rapidly been gaining in popularity and Pro-Cure is proud to offer these incredible new scents. Made from real bait and enhanced with powerful amino acids in a sticky base that sticks and sticks to lures, spoons, spinners, swim baits, soft baits, etc. for an exceptionally long time. Works great on iron jigs for salt water too. In both fresh and salt water formulas.

Scent Descriptions:

ANISE KRILL: This oil flavor has been so popular that we now offer it as a Super Gel (and we're already getting love letters from guides and top anglers!) Combines the power of krill with pure anise. How much better can it get.

SHRIMP / KRILL: Combines two of our all time hottest scents into one incredible gel scent. Perfect for lures, plugs, spoons, soft plastics, swim baits, hoochies, etc. From salmon to trout to inshore salt water species this combo is hard to beat.

ALEWIFE: Made from real Great Lakes alewives, this is the perfect scent for spoons, tinsel flies, hoochies, bait holders, flashers, downrigger balls etc. Tested by top charter captains and tournament anglers with tremendous success.

ANISE PLUS: Pro-Cure famous anise blend is now available in Super Gel. Pure anise oil, 4 fish oils and powerful bite stimulants. For all fresh and salt water fish.

BAIT FISH FORMULA: A hot salt water blend of sardines, anchovies, menhaden and mullet. Perfect for swim baits, soft plastics, plugs, spoons and spinners. Anywhere a bait fish is the feed this gel scent will perform.

CARP SPIT: Similar to our Kokanee Special formula with the addition of ground up night crawlers, Carp Spit has rapidly become our hottest scent for trout, kokanee and river steelhead. It even works on carp!

EMERALD SHINER: Made from real Great Lakes shiners this scent is hot on spoons, flies, stick baits etc. for salmon, trout, lakers and walleye. If shiners are the feed this gel is a must. Works great on live shiners for walleye and perch.

GARLIC MINNOW: The versatility of our great minnow blend with the attraction of garlic. Smallmouth bass, yellow perch and walleye love this stuff, and some days it works great on largemouth bass, striped bass, trout, etc. Perfect for all lures and soft plastics, it can also be applied to live or dead minnows with tremendous success. Did we mention it can be really hot for musky and northerns too.

GIZZARD SHAD: Made from real Great Lakes Gizzard Shad this is a critical scent when these shad are the major feed. Extremely effective on all lures and soft plastics in both lakes and rivers. A 'must have' for walleye in certain areas.

LEECH: Made from real ribbon leeches this gel can be applied to live leeches, plastic imitations, lures, flies, night crawlers, etc. It's a killer on walleye, panfish, bass and trout.

MENHADEN: A must have scent for East Coast and Gulf Coast salt water anglers. Made from real menhaden (bunker) this gel is perfect for all plugs, spoons, soft plastics and swim baits.

MULLET: A critical scent for all salt water anglers in the South East and Gulf Coast. A great scent for tarpon in rivers too. Works on all types of lures, it can even be applied to live bait.

SHAD: Made from real Columbia River shad (American Shad), this super oily fish is a great scent for just about every game fish out there. Walleye love it, halibut love it, trout and bass hit it too. Soak pieces of sponge or cotton balls in this scent for sturgeon too. An extremely versatile gel.

SWEET CRAW: A killer on bass, steelhead, crappie, and panfish. A fantastic combination of ground up crawfish, sweet aquatic shrimp and krill, with powerful amino acids and bite stimulants. New gel base formula is perfect for soft plastics, swim baits, spinner baits, lures, spinners, spinner baits, plugs, etc. Will stay on for many casts.

ANISE CRAWFISH: Everything from bass to salmon, steelhead, walleye and panfish will go after this blend. Made from real whole crawfish. G2-ACW G8-ACW

ANCHOVY: Perfect for swim baits, soft plastics, plugs, spoons and stick baits. Pure ground up anchovies.

ANISE BUTT JUICE: Designed to use on large scampies, jigs, Mud Rakers for halibut, ling cod and bottom fish. The famous Butt Juice scent blend in an easy to use gel formula. A killer scent for fluke and flounder too.

BAIT CALICO COCKTAIL: WOW. This new gel is really unfair to calico bass, sand bass, spotted bay bass, halibut, etc. Actually this scent has proven effective on most inshore saltwater species all around the country. The famous Calico Cocktail formula in an easy to use gel. Perfect for soft plastics, swim baits, spoons, spinners, etc.

SWEET CORN: Smells just like fresh picked sweet corn. Works great on kokanee, trout, carp, etc. Perfect for areas where the use of real corn is prohibited. Ideal on small spoons and lures where the addition of a kernel of corn will detune the action of the lure.

CRAWFISH: THE ULTIMATE CRAWFISH SCENT! Real whole crawfish ground up into a thick stick gel. Perfect for use on plugs, soft plastics, spinner baits, pork, pig n jigs, etc. Lethal on both large mouth and small mouth bass. A great scent on plugs for steelhead too.

GARLIC CRAWFISH: this should be illegal for small mouth bass. Real crawfish ground up with a heavy shot of pure garlic oil. Absolutely killer!

GARLIC PLUS: If you like using garlic this scent is for you. A garlic / fish oil blend that is super easy to use. You'll love it.

HERRING: Real ground up herring in a super easy to use gel formula. Use it on plugs, spoons, spinners, etc. A killer on salmon or anything else that eats herring.

KOKANEE SPECIAL: The #1 kokanee scent formula is now available in an easy to use gel. Perfect for spoons, flashers, plugs, wedding rings, jigs, etc.

MINNOW: An all around scent for any fish that forages on minnows. A blend of 5 popular minnows ground up whole into a sticky gel base. Ideal for plugs, spoons, spinners, stick baits, etc.

NIGHT CRAWLER: Made from real whole night crawlers this scent can be used on harnesses, spinner blades, plugs, etc. A squirt works great on your favorite floating bait for trout too.

PREDATOR: Our #1 all around scent blend is now perfect for spoons, spinners, plugs, etc. Designed originally for steelhead, salmon and trout this scent has produced for kokanee, stripers, bass, walleye, pan fish, etc.

RAINBOW TROUT: Warning to all largemouth and striped bass that feed on hatchery rainbow trout - be careful - this new gel will fool you every time. Real hatchery rainbow trout ground up into a gel that is perfect for swim baits, plugs, soft plastics, etc. The ultimate rainbow trout scent. Ps: rainbows and brown trout love it too.

SALMON EGG: Made from real whole ground up salmon eggs. Ideal for jigs, plugs, spoons, etc.

SAND SHRIMP: (Ghost Shrimp) - Real whole ground up sand shrimp make this new gel a 'no brainer' for serious salmon and steelhead guys. Works great on plugs, spoons, spinners, jig heads, yarn, etc. A killer trout and kokanee scent too. Perfect for swim baits and plastics grubs in the surf for perch, flounder, etc.

SALTWATER FORMULA: A terrific all around scent blend for most salt water game fish. Whether you're tossing soft plastics, spoons, plugs, hair jigs, etc. this scent will produce for you. Real ground up bait with just a hint of anise.

SARDINE: From salmon to stripers to albacore, tuna yellow tail and wahoo this scent gel will produce for you. Works great on Qwik Fish, trolling spinners, wobblers, etc. Perfect when casting soft plastics, swim baits and wahoo bombs, or when yo yoing iron for yellowtail, tuna, etc. (not recommended for trolling tuna, etc. as speed and water temp will wash off scent too quickly.)

SHRIMP: Made from real whole shrimp and edible prawns this scent will really turn on salmon, steelhead, trout, kokanee, etc. Also a tremendous scent for salt water on soft plastics, D.O.A.'s etc. Why waste time tipping your lures with shrimp when this gel scent will last for many casts.

SMELT: If your target fish is feeding on smelt this scent is for you. Perfect for plugs, spoons, wobblers, etc.

STEELHEAD COMBO: Real whole ground shrimp, sand shrimp, salmon eggs, anchovies, night crawlers and crawfish go into this killer blend. Perfect for plugs, spoons, spinners, jig heads, etc.

SQUID: Real whole squid ground up into a sticky gel base. Why tip lures and jigs with real squid when this scent will outperform real strips. A kiler on fluke and flounder.

TROPHY BASS: Bass pro Rich Tauber's original formula in a great new gel. Combines threadfin shad, crawfish, minnows and night crawlers in a gel that's perfect for tubes, jigs, crank baits, soft plastics, stick baits, etc.

TROPHY MUSKY / PIKE: If you love the Musky / Pike Bait sauce this new gel is for you. Super sticky, it works great on hard bodied plugs, soft plastics, hair jigs, etc. If you think Musky don't respond to scent then you haven't use this gel.

TROPHY TROUT: Made from real whole tui chubs, this thick gel is perfect for giant browns and rainbows that feed on these fish. Since chubs are found in most streams and lakes this scent is very effective for musky, pike, walleye, Great Lakes Steelhead, etc.

THREADFIN SHAD: Bass lovers rejoice. The #1 forage food for large mouth bass across the U.S. is ground up whole in this incredibly effective scent. Perfect for plugs, spoons, spinner baits, soft plastics, swim baits, etc.

TROPHY WALLEYE: PRO-CURE's famous Trophy Walleye blend is now available in super gel. It's perfect for stick baits, plugs, spoons, spinners, etc. If you kicked butt using the Bait Sauce or Bait Butter you're gonna love this stuff.


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good October 17, 2012
Reviewer: kevin leung from wappingers falls, NY United States  
haven't use it yet but should be ok.

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Delivery May 1, 2012
Reviewer: Rob Foss from Woodland Hills, CA United States  
Product was delivered very fast.

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Pro-cure Super gel January 4, 2012
Reviewer: Jon Kip from Tappan, NY United States  
Has great attraction smell, could stay on bait a little longer. But overall great product!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Web order August 23, 2011
Reviewer: Brackin Andrews from Redwood City, CA United States  
Every thing was great except I had problems with your web site a few times

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Seems pretty good so far July 4, 2011
Reviewer: Pete Hill from Danvers, MA United States  
I coated my baits with pro-cure last weekend, I'm not sure if it affected my catch ratio or not but I did consistently catch fish.  Skill or attractant?  The jury is out but I'll keep using it until it's proven it does not work.

Was this review helpful to you?

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