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  Castable Crab Snare - Unweighted
Castable Crab Snare - Unweighted

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Castable Crab Snare - Unweighted

For decades, people fishing off the coasts and piers of California have had the dubious pleasure of crabs tangling themselves on one's lines when one wasn't being attentive to their outfits.

Of course, this begs the question, "If this can happen accidentally, can this also happen on purpose?"

This was the question that was brought to mind for Joe Eichensehr of Pacifica, California. Up until then, crabs were caught either in crab rings or traps, or when accidentally tangled on a fishing line. One day, inspiration hit Joe and he created the CASTABLE CRAB SNARE. In fact, he holds the patent on the design, patent #60/756.188.

Joe and his daughter Grace craft each CASTABLE CRAB SNARE by hand in their home in Pacifica. Each cage of the snare is approximately 5"L x 2"W x 1.25"H. As per California Fish & Game regulations, there are six loops attached around the trap. The blue loops are not made from nylon monofilament line, as with many of his imitators. Loops made from nylon monofilament absorb water and eventually soften to the degree that they no long spring open. Joe uses a proprietary material that retains its springiness (and therefore its effectiveness)so that his crab snare can be used all day.

Many people who use his CASTABLE CRAB SNARE place a sinker into the cage for added weight. Joe, however, prefers to add egg weights to the tether so that more bait can be placed into the cage, and so we also sell the weighted version of the CASTABLE CRAB SNARE.

Joe's CASTABLE CRAB SNARE allows you to catch crabs where you weren't able to before, places such as jetties, rock walls, the surf, and breakwaters. It is recommended that you use heavy tackle when slinging these snares; 10'-12' surf rods such as the DAIWA BEEF STICK with 25 lb. test P-Line CXX Premium line are most popular. This is because crabs don't swim (duh!) and when they are lassoed by a crab snare, you have to drag them along the bottom and their claws digging into the mud or sand causes a tremendous amount of drag.

There are many copies and imitators of Joe's CASTABLE CRAB SNARE on the market today, but this, his original, is still the best.

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Great product and customer experience October 28, 2015
Reviewer: JEFF from STOCKTON, CA United States  
Very fast shipping.  Ordered on a Monday,  received on Wednesday.  
Product is well made. Metal snare is really durable.  It'll take a lot of force for this snare to be crushed.  The 6 loops are made from or similar to what you'll find on a weed eater. Also included on one end is a 6" - 8" leader line made from the similar material as the 6 loops. The locking tie is made of a strong rubberband and loops inside the snare. On the other end of the rubberband is a hook that you use to stretch the rubberband and hook on the other side of the snare. The hook and rubberband don't seem to be attached securely.  This may pose an issue and possibly causing your bait door to open up. I'll look at another way to secure the door. Other than that, the product is great. Now I cant wait till Dungeness crab season opens.

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Crab snares March 18, 2015
Reviewer: See Lee from Sacramento, CA United States  
I purchased 2 crab snares. I didn't know when they were coming in, but about maybe 3 days they came in. I'm super thrilled  to get out on the Berkeley pier and try em out! Cant catch em dungys there, but o well I wanted to try em to see if they really worked as everyone says. I'll be back on for the review of the snares i got.

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Good O'l So. SF tackle shop! February 25, 2015
Reviewer: Danny A. Neilson from Sonoma county, CA United States  
These crab snares are great! If the crabs are out there this will put them in the bucket!
Hi's has the tackle, the best tackle, the tackle that catches fish. There is nothing better than tackle that turns a fishing day into a catching day!!! I say shop here, you'll be glad you did!
And the service is fast fast fast!!

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Crab snares December 9, 2014
Reviewer: David R. from Carmichael, CA United States  
Quality product.  Received timely.  Used these snares before and they work perfectly.

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Crab Snare November 26, 2014
Reviewer: Crabinator from Rodeo, CA United States  
Caught a few dungees with this snare. Built well and holds lots of bait. Shipping was super fast. Thanks guys!

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