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Megabass-Deep-six-0001 Megabass Deep Six - Blue Back Matte Chartreuse
Megabass-Deep-six-0002 Megabass Deep Six - GP Sexy Shad
Megabass-Deep-six-0003 Megabass Deep Six - GP Stain Reaction
Megabass-Deep-six-0004 Megabass Deep Six - Ito Wakasagi
Megabass-Deep-six-0005 Megabass Deep Six - M Sexy Shad
Megabass-Deep-six-0006 Megabass Deep Six - Sexy French Pearl
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Additional Information:

Megabass Deep Six Crankbait

The Deep Six was designed by Yuki Ito to trigger bites at depths of over 20ft; depths that are largely uncharted in the territory of diving cranks. This range is made possible by a unique, super-thin lip that slices through currents, and maintains the ideal balance required for a steep dive-angle. Futhermore, the Deep Six incorporates the renowned Multiway Moving Balancer System of the Deep X series. During casts, the main weight moves to the rear, positioning the Deep Six tail first to maximize aerodynamics and casting distance. When diving, the weight moves to the front of the lure to increase Deep Six's diving angle, which means you get down to target depth much faster.

When Deep Six reaches its maximum diving depth and contacts bottom, underwater structure, or is twitched, the main balancer is released, causing the weight to slide and increase action.

If Deep Six levels out at its maximum depth without contacting bottom, the main weight is released from the front and moves to the middle position. This changes the lure's action, creating a realistic flash and aggressive high pitch rolling and wobbling that ignites the instincts of monsters in the deep. Up until now, the super deep range has remained a safe-haven. Now Megabass has created a lure to venture into the deep and dominate the monster's sanctuary.

  • Length: 2.14inches
  • Weight: 7/8oz
  • Type: Floating
  • Diving Depth: 16-20+ Feet

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