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Megabass Orochi XX Rods

Megabass Orochi XX Rods


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Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0012 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F10-80XX - Leviathan
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0001 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F3-611XXS - Drop Shot
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Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0002 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F3.5-70XXS - Shakey Head
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0003 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F4-68XXG - Fast Moving Special
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Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0016 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F4-68XXS - Ronin
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Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0004 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F4.5-68XX - Jerkbait Special
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0005 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F4.5-70XX - Flat-Side Special
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0006 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F5-610XX - Spinnerbait Special
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0013 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F5-711XXG - Launcher
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0014 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F5-72XX - Diablo Spec R
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0015 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F5-72XXG - Swingfire
(Out of Stock)
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0007 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F5-75XX - Extreme Mission Type F
(Out of Stock)
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0008 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F6-70XX - Tour Versatile
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0009 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F6.5-70XX - Jig & Worm
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0010 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F7-72XX - Perfect Pitch
(Out of Stock)
Megabass-Orochi-XX-Rods-0011 Megabass Orochi XX Rods - F8-79XX - Aaron Martens Flipping Special
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Additional Information:

Megabass Orochi XX Rods

Inspired by the Orochi, the ancient dragon god of water, the Megabass Orochi XX series seeks to capture the raw power and control of its namesake through Megabass’ cutting-edge blank manufacturing process, and an uncompromising eye for quality and performance.

Guided by the unparalleled expertise of two of the premier professional anglers in the US, Aaron Martens and Luke Clausen, we set out to design a line of rods to earn a place on the front deck of their boat, and put the power of the legendary Orochi into their hands. The result of this collaboration is the tournament-tested and proven Orochi XX, built to the exacting specifications of our National Pro Staff, and for the tournament-winning tactics of North American anglers everywhere.

Crafted of super low-resin carbon up to the 40-ton grade, the materials of each Orochi blank are custom matched to the rod’s intended application. Each blank features a vertical-axis carbon core wrapped with a 2-axis XX-Micro Carbon layer, followed by an additional vertical-axis carbon layer. Each blank is then finished off with a 4-axis carbon wrap that goes from the butt section to the mid-section, for a total of 6-axis. Since carbon material is strongest along its axis, this unique manufacturing process adds significant strength to combat blank twist and improve overall structural integrity—all without adding unnecessary weight.

Each Orochi XX is purpose-built for tournaments, and our craftsmen know that a single cast can make all the difference. Each rod has a carefully selected range of tangle-free Fuji KWSG, KR-H, and Fuji small caliber Alconite guides for smooth casting and increased sensitivity; Fuji reel seats; Megabass custom ITO Head Locking Reel Seat (PAT.); a rubber/cork composite end cap to protect against fierce hook sets; a Megabass original hook keeper; and lastly, that fit and finish you can only expect from Megabass.

We carry each of the 11 models in the Orochi XX Series. A rod by rod breakdown can be seen by clicking on the technical specs tab.

Orochi XX Rod Models


Designed to the tournament specs of renowned finesse angler Aaron Martens, the F3-611XXS was built to have the ideal length, taper, and feel required for critical drop shot bites. With a medium-fast taper, the F3-611XXS has the perfect blend of tip and backbone required to handle finesse rigs and haul your fish straight to the live well. The length and taper are also well suited for shaky head fishing, as well as small crank baits, jerk baits and wacky-rigged soft plastics. For many anglers, the versatility of this rod will allow the F2-611XXS to satisfy all their spinning tackle techniques.

“The F3-611XXS is a great 7-10lb. line drop shot rod. It’s excellent for throwing 4 to 6 inch worms, and ideally suited for places like the great lakes, Guntersville, Clear Lake or anywhere where you are fishing for bigger fish. I would recommend it for anything from 1/16th to ½ ounce drop shot setups. This is not your average ultra-light tackle drop shot rod. “ - Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE

The F3½-70XXS could easily be considered the ideal shaky head rod. Built for finesse applications where a quick, solid hookset is required, the F3½-70XXS features a 7ft. blank with a fast taper. The combination of length/taper allows for extremely long casts, precise control over the action of lures and rigs, takes up line quickly during hook sets at distance, and offers the tip-softness necessary for fighting big fish without fear of breakoffs. The parabolic action under loads makes this an excellent choice for bottom-finesse methods, but also for small crankbaits and jerkbaits. The F3.570xxs performs best with lure weights ranging from 1/8th ounce, to 3/8th oz., with line tests of 4-12lb. fluorocarbon, or 6-20lb. braid.

“This is my go-to shaky head rod, especially when I am fishing 6 inch worms. This rod is perfect for 7-10lb., even 12lb. line with 1/16 - 3/8oz. shaky heads. It’s a great rod for skipping docks and fishing tubes, and while it’s good with lighter rigs, this rod still has some solid meat to it.” - Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE

Designed for moving lures like shallow cranks, vibrating lures, and spinnerbaits, the glass construction of the F4-68XXG is built to “give,” and allow the fish that extra split-second of time to take the bait better than with pure graphite. Constructed of a unique blend of glass fiber, the XXG is exceedingly light and durable. The length of the F4-68XXG makes it very easy to cast in every way imaginable, from roll casting to precision-pitching light cranks.


Designed for jerk baits like the X-80 TRICK DARTER, VISION ONETEN, and MAGNUM, the F4½-68XX features a parabolic bend and a 6’8” length that is perfect for quick, precise rod action. Ideally suited for lure weights of ¼ to ¾oz., the F4½-68XX is an excellent choice not only for jerk baits, but medium-running crank baits, top waters and light jigs and worms as well.


7ft. long and featuring a regular taper, F4½-70XX was designed as an all-purpose graphite cranking stick, with that all-important parabolic bend for just the right amount of “give,” and launching cranks. The Flat-Side Special is a very versatile model, with applications ranging from vibrating lures and 3/8oz. spinnerbaits to medium-running crank baits. And for anglers who prefer a longer rod for jerk baits and top waters, the F4½-70XX can pull double-duty with ease.

“I’m a tall guy, so this is a great VISION ONETEN and MAGNUM rod. It’s a very parabolic rod, so I also use it for medium depth crank baits, 3/8 to ½ oz. vibration baits, and medium-sized dog walkers like the GIANT DOG-X and XPOD.”- Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE

The F5-610XX is a great choice for the angler who prefers a smaller, lighter rod, with the power and versatility to perform numerous tasks. The medium-fast taper is ideal for precision casting of ½ oz. and ¾ oz. spinnerbaits, but also finesse jigs, Texas rigs, crank baits, top waters and jerkbaits. The F5-610XX offers the power to move stationary hooks like jigs, yet the bend and length to offer forgiveness for cranking and jerking.

“The only spinnerbait rod I will ever need. At 6'10" with a medium fast taper, I can hit close targets accurately yet still have the power to fish a big spinnerbait deep.”- Luke Clausen, FLW TOUR

The F5-75XX is the perfect combination of power, feel and lightness. This rod is ideal for casting Texas rigged worms, jigs, big crank baits, and spinnerbaits. The length of the F5-75 allows the angler to effectively pitch or launch lures, and take up a great deal of line on the hooksets. The fast taper allows for quick hooksets, and the blank absorbs a lot of the fight, so that it is harder to loose those giants.

“My favorite rod for casting Carolina rigs, football heads and big worms deep. Great for when you want a longer rod to get the pressure on one with a lot of line out.”- Luke Clausen, FLW TOUR

The F6-70XX will put the feel of controlled power into the angler’s hands with the first cast. Ideally suited for casting and pitching jigs and worms, the Tour Versatile is also made to handle big spinnerbaits, crank baits, frogs and even some swimbaits.

“This is a stiffer, faster action rod that is great for 6 - 7 in. worms on a Texas-rig. It is also good for small Carolina rigs, soft jerk baits and 4 - 5 in. wacky-rigged stick baits. This is a very versatile rod, and is a good choice almost anytime you are using 12 to 20 lb line for everything up to the size of smaller soft plastic swimbaits.”- Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE

The F6½-70XX is a powerful rod, designed with a fast taper to deliver a quick uppercut and penetrating hook set with stationary lures like jigs, worms, Carolina rigs, and some swimbaits. Also suited for slow-rolling big spinnerbaits and heaving big, hard-pulling crankbaits, the F6½-70XX has the power to handle big baits, yet the lightness to control them with ease.

“This is a beefy rod with a lot of backbone, yet it’s still light and very sensitive. It’s my go-to rod for pitchin' and short casting a jig. It’s great for anything from a 3/8 to ¾ oz. jigs. This is the ultimate tight-quarters flippin’ rod.”- Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE
“The ultimate jig and worm rod for fishing around moderate cover. Power and performance in a 7' package.”-Luke Clausen, FLW TOUR

The F7-72XX offers the power of a flipping stick combined with the maneuverability of a casting rod. A great choice for pitching, flipping and casting jigs and worms, the Perfect Pitch is ideal for anglers who prefer slightly shorter rods for quick and devastating hook sets. The F7-72XX is designed to be paired heavy-duty line tests to dominate heavy cover. In addition to pitching and casting, the F7-72XX can also serve as a great tool for umbrella rigs, big crank baits, swimbaits and spinnerbaits.

“This is an excellent pitchin' rod. It’s perfect for pitchin' ½ oz. jigs, but it’s a great choice for ¾ - 1 oz. football head jigs as well. It will also work well for medium sized (5 to 6 in.) soft plastic swimbaits. It’s also the rod I use when fishing my shaky fish in 1/2 and 3/4 ounces.”- Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE

The F8-79XX is perfectly suited for medium to heavy duty flipping and pitching. This rod is designed to flip and pitch ¼ to 1oz. lures into the thickest cover you can find. The rod has a perfect blend of lightness and power, which is crucial to the versatility needed to perform a traditional 10ft. flip on one cast, then a 30 foot pitch on the next. The F8-79XX has the power to muscle the fish out of the thickest vegetation mats or wood cover. Ideal for not only pitching Texas-rigged soft plastics and jigs, the Aaron Martens Flipping Special can also pull double-duty as an excellent swimbait rod.

“The Flipping Special is the nicest flipping stick I've ever used. It’s excellent for flippin’ heavy line even with a light weight. What separates this rod is you can flip weights as small as 1/8 - 1/4 oz. and its still very sensitive and lightweight. It’s perfect for ½ oz. - 1 ½ oz. flippin’ rigs. Its sweet spot is at 1 ounce, where it is ridiculous. It’s great for punching as well with weights from 1/2 ounce to 1 ¼ oz. This rod is light and sensitive, yet it has got some serious beef to it.”- Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE

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drop shot rod April 28, 2013
Reviewer: Kevin Wallace from Sapulpa, OK United States  
Doesn't have a hook keeper other than that very nice rod.

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