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Roman Made Trick Lipless Swimbait
Roman Made Trick Lipless


Roman Made Trick Lipless

The Lipless Trick Swimbait sinks slowly and naturally. This lure took four seasons of development, however in season two the RomanMade staff had many blow ups on the lure during high-speed retrieve. The Lipless has extremely narrow head, and low ballast placement allows the lure to be retrieved at a painfully slow crawl (pace). In comparison to other segmented baits the Lipless swim-action begins as soon the reel handle engages. RomanMade’s impressive Glide Effect is readily present in the lure. This allows the lure to be burned and then immediately stopped enacting glide effect. The lure will actually swim on its own for a short period of time.

Various devices are concealed in this lure as shown in the name. Front lip, Joint corner, Joint system from which movement fines by retrieve speed, sound of peculiar collaboration to wood, Tail that twines easily with water, Vibration in straight line. To capture the monster bass, we pursued movement with a sense of existence voluminous of the medium bait fish not a high pitch, straight movement like the small bait fish. As a result, movement not to pack two or more possibilities in the lure but to shake the instinct of the bass was expressed with this lure. Many tests were done, and a lot of fish reacted to this movement.

How To Fish Lipless Trick


The lure waveringly drifts voluntarily with three ream collaboration and the reception desk lip by the wave of the surface of the water, the change in the water current, the wind, and the line tension, etc. It becomes an action that this irritates showing it to the bass more natural, and it connects at bite chance.


A wide-open bait fish in the vicinity of the surface of the water is produced by movement that the lure meanders right and left. The fish is drawn because of the sound in a peculiar joint part to the wood.


It becomes a design through water intensely by beginning retrieve, and the movement fines at the same time as entering in water. Tricky movement of the sound of joint, the vibration of the body, and the tail is produced.

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