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  Yamamoto 5 " Kut Tail Worms - 10pk

Yamamoto 5 inch Kut Tail Worms


Yamamoto 5 inch Kut Tail Worms

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Yamamoto-KTW-5Worm-0001 Yamamoto 5 " Kut Tail Worms - 10pk - 021 - Black w/ Large Blue Flk
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Yamamoto-KTW-5Worm-0002 Yamamoto 5 " Kut Tail Worms - 10pk - 194J - Watermelon w/ Large Black Flk
Yamamoto-KTW-5Worm-0003 Yamamoto 5 " Kut Tail Worms - 10pk - 196 - Pumpkin w/ Black and Green Flk
Yamamoto-KTW-5Worm-0004 Yamamoto 5 " Kut Tail Worms - 10pk - 208 - Fading Watermelon w/ Black and Red Flk
Yamamoto-KTW-5Worm-0005 Yamamoto 5 " Kut Tail Worms - 10pk - 213 - Purple w/ Emerald Flk
Yamamoto-KTW-5Worm-0007 Yamamoto 5 " Kut Tail Worms - 10pk - 297 - Green Pumpkin w/ Black Flk
Yamamoto-KTW-5Worm-0006 Yamamoto 5 " Kut Tail Worms - 10pk - 240 - Smoke Pearl Blue
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Additional Information:

Yamamoto 5 inch Kut Tail Worms

  • There's a time and a place for finesse techniques, but if you want to compete day in, day out with the big boys you have to "go big or go home." The 10-inch Kut Tail gets the desired result! There's no need for extra weight in getting the worm to your desired target - this lengthy fish-catcher has enough weight to let you fire it halfway across the lake.
  • When pressured bass act finicky toward your usual finesse lures, the diminutive 3 1/2 inch 7S works best for ultra finesse with bass, crappie, even trout.
  • The creation of the 4 inch 7-series Kut Tail's is an interesting story. Fishing in Japan on Lake Kawaguchi in winter time, Gary Yamamoto found the bass were cold and lethargic and did not want a full tail that wiggles on their worms. So he progressively cut back the wiggling curly tail on the 6" 6-series worm until the Kut Tail resembled what you see today. That summer, it was also discovered that the do-nothing nature of the Kut Tail worked on listless bass sweltering in the high temperatures of summer as well. It essentially became what is called a do-nothing lure, and a unique product line that is always catching something whenever bass are "doing nothing".
  • Ratchet finesse up a notch! The 7L Kut Tail is not your standard 3 to 4" finesse worm. At 5", the 7L will get you a better grade of fish on dropshot, splitshot, shaking with a bead 'n bullet, or jig-worming.
  • Is a 5 inch(7L) not big enough? Is the 6 1/2 inch(7X) to big? Here is the middle of the road, try this 5 3/4" long Kut Tail.
  • Ready to cull those smaller bass? The 6.5" (7X) Kut Tail is a bigger bait designed for better kicker fish appeal. Fish it like a Senko. The 7X has all the great features of a Senko - same salt, same density, same formulation - and it casts well and falls like a Senko when rigged weightless. But the 7X has a unique action with its special Kut Tail.

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