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  Real Image Fish Laser Sinker Release
Real Image Fish Laser Sinker Release

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Product Description

Real Image Fish Laser Sinker Release

It's a sinker release!  It's a fish attractor!  It's an anti-twist device!

Yes, the REAL IMAGE Fish Laser Sinker Release is all three, and is considered by many salmon trollers to be the best sinker release they have used, and will use no other.

How does it work?  To rig the Fish Laser Sinker Release, the main line is attached to the "pointy end" of the device with a snap or a snap swivel.    A leader of your choosing is attached to one of the four holes in the rear of the release (more on this later).  Finally, a trolling weight, usually a ball weight of at least one pound, is inserted into the "mouth" of the release.

While the boat is at trolling speed, the rig is slowly lowered into the water. The pressure of the water will keep the sinker pushed deep against the back of the slot ("mouth").  The sinker will stay there until a fish
is hooked and takes line off your reel.  At that time, the fish swimming away from the boat will change the direction of the water pressure and push the sinker off the front of the slot. The sinker is released from
the device, and allows you to play the fish without the interference of the heavy sinker.

The beauty of this release is that if a fish doesn't pull line off your reel, the sinker will not release from the device.  This way, "shorts" won't cause you to lose your sinkers needlessly.  There is, however, an element
of adjustability in that, depending on which of the four holes the leader is placed, it can be a little easier or harder for the sinker to be released.

The Fish Laser Sinker Release itself is made from a stamped piece of steel with no moving parts.  All edges are smoothed over and there are no sharp edges.  Although it was primarily designed for salmon,
it has been used successfully while trolling for blue water species such as sailfish, marlin, and tuna.

Review submitted by HIPPO LAU


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