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  Rodstrainer Flippin' - Pitchin' Jig 3/8 - 1/2 oz

Rodstrainer Flippin' - Pitchin' Jig 3/8 - 1/2 oz

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Rodstrainer - 3/8 oz
Rodstrainer - 1/2 oz

Product Description

Rodstrainer Flippin' - Pitchin' Jig 3/8 - 1/2 oz

RODSTRAINER is the product of a small company based in Campbell, California. Owner Dink Mendez is a well respected, local, pro-angler offering perhaps the most popular jig product made in this part of the country. Interestingly enough, despite their wide popularity out West, RODSTRAINER jigs are not often discussed in other parts country perhaps due to their limited distribution network.

Dink Mendez is a bass fisherman from way back ...  way, way back.  As a tournament fisherman, he wanted his tackle, and especially lures, to hold up to the stresses and strains that define the sport.  When, with every cast a win may be on the line, he needed his lures, especially the jigs he loved using, to stay together and not fall apart.  Not finding what he felt met his high standards, Dink did what others have done in his situation.  He started his own company.

His jigs are still tied one at a time, by hand, just as they were when Dink first started the company.  "There's simply no other way to produce a jig that will hold together," opines Dink, "I've seen too many other jigs, using other methods of holding a skirt on, fall apart after being flipped and pitched into the nasty spots."

Because of his vast experience on the tournament trail and his meticulous attention to detail, his RODSTRAINER jigs have grown to be the number one jig used by western bass fisherman, pro and amateur alike.
We carry two models of several jigs Dink has to offer.  One is the "Flippin'-pitchin' jig", and the other model is the "Dinkster jig".

The Flippin'-pitchin' jig utilizes the proven "Arky" head design with stiff nylon weed guards.  A dual rattle is hand tied in with his own proprietary mixture of rubber and silicone strands.  This mixture, explained Dink, causes a very specific amount of flair while retaining some body to the lure. 

At first glance, the strands seem to be a little longer than on many flippin' and pitchin' style jigs.  This is intentional, as it allows the fisherman to trim the strands, customizing it to particular situations.  (For instance, with long trailers like a five inch Senko, the strands are left long.  For shorter trailers like a Sweet Beaver, the strands are sometimes trimmed back 3/4" to show off more of the trailer.)  Armed with a heavy duty Gamakatsu 5/0, the Flippin'-pitchin' jig is ready for close quarter combat.

The Dinkster jig is made with a modified Arky head of Dink's own design.  Wider and flatter than the standard Arky head, the Dinkster jig offers more of a swimming motion than his Flippin'-pitchin' jig.  Like the Flippin'-pitchin' jig, the Dinkster jig has a weedguard of stiff nylon fibers and is hand tied with dual rattles and Dink's proprietary mix of rubber and silicone strands.  Unlike the Flippin'-pitchin' jig, however, the Dinkster is equipped with a 4/0 Mustad Ultra-point hook.  It should be noted that the Mustad Ultra-point hooks is shorter in length than the Gamakatsu hook on the Flippin'-pitchin' jig.

We also carry Dink's line of high quality spinnerbaits.  Dink's spinnerbaits are poured with a .032" wire, which allows for more vibration from the blades.  His proprietary skirting mixture of rubber and silicone strands offer the same flairing qualities of Dink's jigs.  You may also notice the unusual "haircut" on Dink's spinnerbaits.  Dink claims this allows the skirt to shimmy more than with the usual design.

RODSTRAINER lures continue a tradition of well designed, well made lures that can take a beating and still continue to catch fish.

We at Hi's Tackle Box use these lures extensively and are proud to offer them for sale to you.

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