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During one excursion, Toshinori used an American topwater lure he acquired many years ago. As he became acquainted with the lure and its subtle idiosyncrasies, he began to generate questions about its triggering action. After fishing it hundreds of times, Toshinori concluded its effectiveness long-term and over various conditions was challenged by the lure's single dimension of action. “Why doesn’t it move freely?” he pondered. This was the beginning of Toshinori’s creations - lures with freedom of movement. “I began to make the lure by watching and imitating lure and fish swim actions” said Toshinori. Mr. Takeyama discovered (through hundreds of designs) that attempting to create a lure with effortless motion was difficult. The young designer began the process of deduction by asking the question, “Why doesn’t it move (swim naturally)? The inquiring mind made me advance ahead”. Even today, Takeyama’s desire to fish fuels his creative discipline. When Toshinori Takeyama finalized his creation, the lure’s action gave him pleasure (almost spiritual). His masterpiece had come to fruition! “I remember still now… an ordinary evening…but to me…I faced the river … the purpose of the lure was complete”. Takeyama’s impact to swimbait design for giant Biwa bass is significant in Japan. Referring to the swim action of his swimbaits, Toshinori believes evidence is in “… the impression on fish…it is greatly observed” says Takeyama. The magical creation of Takeyama is a reflection of the Roots of ROMAN MADE.

Roman Made Negotiator is an amazingly balanced lipless swimbait that collaborates with water sensuously with little action from the rod. The Roman Made Negotiator has true glide-effect and interacts in sync with its build in wobble where retrieved or allowed to free-fall. Feed back to the rod is a heavy distinctive yet smooth pulse. The Roman Made Negotiator is also a true slalom lure, with a wide s-curve action. Its body segments are narrow, yet tall, allowing the lure to capture significant amount water for propulsion. A simple adjustment in retrieves dictates how wide the Roman Made Negotiators pattern of travel will result. A minute tap of the rod tip or an exaggerated turn of the reel handle will cause the lure to change directions.

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