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Soft bait fishing is a combination of gear, techniques and know-how and this section is designed to give you some starting points on all of them. At the heart of Soft bait fishing are the baits themselves, These are usually a fully biodegradable artificial bait that has been moulded into the shape of a 'bait' ranging from fish to squid to crabs. Because of their rubbery consistency, they have often been referred to as Soft Plastics but this is largely untrue as the baits dispose of themselves and dissolve over time.

As with any style of fishing, there is plenty of room for luck (either way), good fortune and misfortune. However this section is designed to equip you with a decent amount of info to get you started and hopefully get you hooked! In a brief summary, Soft bait fishing is all about using light but strong gear to catch big fish with the most fun and action. You ‘stay in touch’ with your bait and entice the fish to bite through movement (or stopping movement), colour, scent and shape. And as with other forms of fishing, if a particular technique, combination, spot or colour isn’t working for you…try something else…remember:


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