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Choosing a Tackle Box: Soft Tackle Bags

Like hard tackle boxes, soft bags come in a wide variety of sizes for all fishermen and are designed to transport and organize large amounts of tackle efficiently. They accomplish this task by implementing the use of clear storage boxes to store tackle vertically and maximize the use of space. This design is perfect for experienced anglers who have many small pieces of equipment, as it prevents the tackle from sliding around or falling out of place should the bag tip over or even be turned upside down.

Most bags are water-resistant (not water-proof) and even come equipped with additional, object-specific, storage, such as hard molded cases for sunglasses, circular zippered pockets that hold spools of line, labeled pouches for cell phones and keys, and even mesh water bottle holders. Furthermore, to add more comfortable options to anglers, some companies even make backpack style tackle bags, equipped to hold a few storage boxes, as well as any other equipment you may need.       

Another nice aspect of tackle bags is the freedom to exchange the standard storage boxes included with other types, to hold specific lures. If you're a crankbait fisherman, you can easily replace a normal 370 box with a crankbait storage box, for example. Also, tackle bags have a number of extra storage in which to stow spinnerbait binders, tools and plastic bait bags. The possibilities really are endless, which is a big selling point when considering purchasing a tackle bag.       


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