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Seven Tips for Surface Lures

Written by Keith Redd   

Over my years of becoming "serious" with tournament bass fishing, I have found myself reading a ton of materials.  I read magazines, articles, books, and news boards as well watch fishing shows of television.  I can't get enough information.  Sometimes I think I may just read too much and confuse myself.

I started clipping articles, saving news clipping, and creating my own little book of tips and techniques.

In this article, I'm going to share some of those tips for surface lures with you that have helped me with my bass fishing learning curve.

When is the right time to throw surface lures?
-Most bass experts believe the time to start throwing surface lures is once the temperature starts to get around 65 degrees.  Post spawn should be going on during this time and the bass will be leaving the beds and resume feeding heavily; however there are always exceptions to every rule.  Many big bass have been caught in water temperatures close to 45 degrees.

Watch out for surface schooling.
-Large numbers of bass will chase baitfish to the surface in the summer and early fall.  Looks for birds circling and fish breaking water.  Have a top water lure tied and on and ready.  When this happens, cast into the breaking water and you are almost guaranteed a strike.


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