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Scotty 1001 Downrigger Cable Scotty 1008-24 Stopper Beads Scotty 1020 Hairtrigger Release
Scotty 1023 Tilt-up Mounting Bracket Scotty 1030 Extended Hairtrigger Scotty 1040 Snapper Release
Scotty 1042 Cannon Ball Release Scotty 1124 Fuse Holder Scotty 1145 Replacement Counter - Electric Downriggers
Scotty 1154 Terminal Kit Scotty 1170 Power Grip Release Scotty 2125 12V Downrigger Plug and Receptacle from Marinco
Scotty 371 Trolling Snubber w/o Sampo Swivel

Choosing Downriggers

Choosing the correct Downrigger for your boat and for your fishing experience is like deciding what to put on your pizza. It could be mind boggling and confusing, the first time. But once you know all the working parts of the rig as well as your fishing goals, and your boat, then choosing a rig is a piece of cake.
I am going to start with one of the most important factors;

Do you want Electric Downrigger?The first thing that comes to my mind is comfort and money, now if you want comfort and have money, then the option is easy. But lets say you hate to spend for nothing, then think about your fishing goals; are you going to lure in deep waters, if you do, that means that you have a lot of crank to do , to bring that baby up, especially if you are using lots of weight. If you fish often and you fish deeper than letís say 50 feet, I would suggest you bankroll an electric downrigger that would save you a lot of energy and frustration on that hot day, especially if they are striking a lot.


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