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Shimano Tiagra A Series Reels

The Tiagra 20A and Tiagra 30A reels feature traditional style drag curves. These curves allow the angler full use of the Warning position of the lever by providing an area of low drag pressure just above Strike. This is perfect for holding baits in the wake yet has light enough pressure so that when a fish bites it reduces the chance of pulling the hooks out of the fish's mouth. The Tiagra 30A reel's curve is steeper than the 20A, allowing anglers to still reap the benefits of the Warning position yet be able to reach higher drag pressures when fishing heavier lines.

The Tiagra 30WLRSA reel utilizes our L.R.S. style drag curve. This curve allows the reel to fish extremely heavy lines and the drag pressures where the angler is not as concerned about using a Warning position. By starting the curve directly from the Freespool position, it gives the angler a wider variety of useable drag settings.

The Tiagra 50A and Tiagra 50WA reels use traditional drag curves. The curve for both models is identical. This curve allows a slow consistent drag increase from Warning to Strike. It also allows use of a Warning position, by having a steep transition from Freespool to the 1/4 position. This is helpful when trying to hold baits within a trolling pattern yet having a light enough drag to avoid pulling the hook from a biting fish's mouth.

The Tiagra 50WLRSA reel was the first reel to feature an L.R.S. style curve. This allows big game seeking anglers to size down in tackle yet fish the high drag pressures normally associated with large reels. The TI50WLRSA and TI80WA use the same drag curve and can achieve the same drag pressures. So if you prefer smaller reels and braided line, the Tiagra 50WLRSA reel is right for you. For those that use monofilament or desire more line capacity the Tiagra 80WA is the reel of choice.

The Tiagra 130A reel combines the finest materials available with technology and experience gained from years of producing our smaller sized Tiagra reels. Machined from 9mm thick aluminum pipe stock, with a twin disk drag system that can produce up to 99lbs. of drag, the Tiagra 130A reel is a monster to battle monsters.

The drag curve is a gradual line that allows full advantage of the wide range of drag settings generated by the TI130A. This curve is optimized for battling giant tuna, sharks and billfish.


  • Machined Aluminum Frame
  • Machined Aluminum Sideplates
  • Cold Forged Aluminum Spool
  • Rod Clamp
  • Offset Ergonomic Power Grip
  • A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)
  • Clicker
  • Metal Series
  • Chrome Plated Sideplate Screws
  • Ratcheting Drag Lever
  • Twin Pawl Anti-Reverse System
  • Chrome Plated Sideplate Screws
  • Approved for use in Saltwater
  • Rated for use with Mono, Fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines
Shimano Tiagra A Series Reels
Model Line Retrieve Per Crank (High/Low in.) Line Capacity (# Test/Yards) Power Pro Line Capacity (# Test/Yards) Max Drag at Full w/ Freespool (lbs.) Max Drag at Strike w/ Freespool (lbs.) Weight Bearings High Gear Ratio Low Gear Ratio
TI20A 41/18 20/690 50/1225,65/720,80/525 36 30 49.7 4BB 3.9:1 1.7:1
TI30A 41/18 30/700 50/1805,65/1065,80/770 34 25 52.4 4BB 3.9:1 1.7:1
TI30WLRSA 41/18 50/570 65/1435,80/1180,100/865 34 25 55.6 4BB 3.9:1 1.7:1
TI50A 37/15 50/600 80/1135,100/930,150/865 37.5 28.5 83.4 4BB 3.1:1 1.3:1
TI50WA 37/15 50/850 80/1575,100/1235,150/1180 37.5 28.5 86.3 4BB 3.1:1 1.3:1
TI50WLRSA 37/15 80/550 80/1575,100/1235,150/1180 44 35 86.3 4BB 3.1:1 1.3:1
TI80WA 37/19 80/950 100/2445,150/2365,200/1920 44 35 115.2 4BB 2.5:1 1.3:1
TI130A 39/22 130/1000 150/3315,200/2770,250/1955 99 79 174.1 6BB 2.2:1 1.15:1
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