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Surf Perch Grubbing Fishing Rig

Terminal Tackle Needed for Serf Perch Grubbing Rig

  1. Main Line
  2. Egg Sinker
  3. 8mm red bead
  4. #7 swivel
  5. 8" - 18" of 10-15 lb. test mono leader
  6. Grub
  7. Octopus Hook

How to catch Surf Perch

Surf Perch Grubbing

Grubbing for surf perch has become very popular in the last few years, and no wonder! Surf perch
are generally available year round. They're scrappy little battlers and delicious on the table. The
tackle is simple and easy to rig. Beach access is usually free. What better excuse is there for
spending a couple of hours knee deep in salt water?

Rods, Reels, and Line

For most people, spinning tackle is the easiest and simplest to use. It can be as effective as
conventional tackle, but without the annoying problems of back lashing. The ideal rod for most
grubbing is an eight to nine foot long, medium heavy to heavy power steelhead rod. However,
when the surf is running heavy, some will opt for a nine foot light surf rod. These rods should be
matched with salt water resistant reels capable of holding 150 - 250 yds. of 10 - 20 lb. test
monofilament line.

The Fishing Rig for Surf Perch Grubbing

A simple rig like the one pictured above is all you need to be successful at grubbing. Grubs range
in size from 1.5" - 3", hooks range from a #8 to a #2, making sure that the hook you choose fits
inside the grub.

Colors for Surf Perch Grubbing Rigs

When it comes to colors, motor oil with either red or gold flake is the most popular, but white,
chartreuse, pink, tomato pepper, and cinnamon are worth experimenting with ... don't be afraid
to try something different!

Where to fish for Surf Perch

By far, the best time for surf perch grubbing is during an incoming tide. Your casts don't have to be long and you may be surprised at how close a perch will hit. A retrieve isn't considered finished until you
pull your fishing grub out of the water. Look for any irregularities in the wave pattern and fish these
areas; otherwise, just walk the beach, fan casting as you go along. A smooth steady retrieve will
get more action than a twitchy retrieve, as well as giving a better read of the sea bottom.

"Good Fishing!!" - Hippo Lau

We are making our exclusive Hippo Lau's School of Fish rigging diagrams available for download by clicking on this Surf Perch Grubbing Fishing Rig link. You also have the ability to view, print and save using the object below.

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