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Hi's Tackle Box Seaguar Blue Label Loop to Loop Top Shot 25 ft Hi's Tackle Box Seaguar Premier Loop to Loop Top Shot 25 ft

The Benefits of Using a Top Shot

Even if the backing never came off the reel, and would have made no difference to the capture, if the backing tests over the maximum line-class strength, the claim is denied.   However, it doesn't matter how the backing tests if it is not connected to the top shot. Some crews use backing as a filler, covering it up with duct tape so they can use a large reel with a rapid line retrieval and a smooth drag at light settings when fishing with light-line classes.

Pitch-Bait Backing
A lot of crews like to pitch bait these days - pulling teasers and pitching a bait to fish that come up on them - because the angler gets to see a good bite and is more involved in hooking the fish. I first saw this method put into action back in 1968 while working as a mate for Capt. George Bransford. We called it bait-and-switch after the common, but illegal, retail marketing practice. Whenever a black marlin smaller than 500 pounds entered the spread, we'd pull in the bait on the 80-pound line and put out a bait on 20-pound.

However, trying to pitch a bait and free-spool a fish with an 80- or 130-pound-class reel becomes extremely difficult due to the weight of the rod and reel and the inertia of the reel's spool when loaded with a 1,000 yards of line. As a result, anglers often try to pitch with smaller, lighter-weight reels loaded with heavier line classes.

Small reels with customized drag mechanisms provide adequate drag and are great for hooking fish, but they can't hold enough 130-pound-class Dacron or monofilament line.


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