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Brad's Killerfish Brad's Super Bait Cut Plug Catchy Tackle Wahoo Bomb Hot Spot 4.5" Apex Trolling Lure
Brad's Killerfish
Our Price: $8.99
Catchy Tackle Wahoo Bomb
Our Price: $14.69
Tuna Trolling Lure Zuker ZF Feather Six Inch Trolling Lure Zuker ZG Grass Six Inch Trolling Lure Zuker ZG Grass Mylar Trolling Lure
Tuna Trolling Lure
Our Price: $7.49

Normal trolling speed is between 7-9 mph depending on the seas. The general rule of thumb is to keep the lures as close to the boat as possible without pulling them out of the water. You will see a recognizable pattern to the lures when they are being trolled properly.

Keep in mind the shape of the lure's head...we run bullet nose lures close to the boat because they have much less bounce than do other lures. Jet heads or any type of concave head (bubble makers) should be put back a little farther, out in the calmer water so that the bubbles they produce will be seen, and will in turn attract the targeted species of fish. Birds, daisy chains, or other attractors should be placed the farthest back in your pattern, or run them on the outriggers or shotgun.

If the sea is calm, or if the bite is slow I recommend speeding the boat up a bit. Keep in mind the difference in speed will require a lure pattern adjustment. Spreader bars don't have to be a hassle - our spreader bars are equipped with a ball bearing swivel in the last lure where we attach a release clip.

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