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Fishing With Jig Heads

There are a number of choices for anglers when it comes to terminal tackle. While some of these options might seem rather straight forward and simple, others look rather detailed and intricate. Of course, all of these options can end up costing you an arm and a leg; however, what I suggest to as far as my fishing tackle tips for my inshore readers is a simple jig head.

Jig heads are usually crafted out of either lead, bismuth or other metal that is considered a non-pollutant to the environment. You can choose your jig heads from a number of different sizes, colors and shapes. I tend to prefer my sizes to be anywhere in between one eighth of an ounce to three fourths of an ounce. For my hook sizes, I stay with anything between a one and 5/0.

Keep in mind that when selecting your fishing gear, it is possible for a smaller hook to catch a surprisingly large fish. That being said, I tend choose the size of my hooks according to how deep the water is as well as how fast I need my lure to sink. If you are fishing in shallow water, you will want to select the lightest jig that you can, particularly if you use a grub tail.


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