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Salmon Fishing Tips and Techniques

A fish tale has been out there for years!  I know you've heard it! Well if you haven't, for years the tail has been that only ten percent of the anglers out there are catching a staggering ninety percent of the fish!  Well Iím here to tell you that this tale has been true for as long as Iíve been fishing. 

how to take a hook out of a fish's mouth

Iím not an advanced angler by any stretch but know enough to tell you that fishermen who catch salmon on a regular basis have two factors in the palms of their hands Ė literally.  Factor one is time on the water. The more time your line is in the water, the better chance you haveÖbar none!  Second is the skill factor or technique.  Finding where the salmon are holding, when to fish at that spot and how to choose which lure or what type of bait or tackle, is possibly the most important factor of all!

First you need to realize that there are as many techniques to catching salmon as there are salmon...LOTS! So what we may find successful you may not. We may not even know what techniques you use to be successful out there, but we would love to hear about it. In the mean time though let's look at some of the basic ways of fishing for salmon and then we'll move forward in breaking them down further;


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