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IRod Rod Models are designed and used by the some of the best professional fishermen around. Each Irod is is made to with stand the pressure of tournament fishing and built for all anglers.
iRod Genesis II Series Spinning Rod - Matt Newman created the Genesis 2 series because he wanted to create the lightest and best balanced rod on the market at a price that anglers can afford. The Genesis 2 delivers! From the medium action 6’9″ weighing an unbeatable 3.2 ounces all the way to our 7’11″ punch rod weighing a mere 5.8 ounces, putting an IROD in your hand you’ll feel the difference right away! And because IROD gives you the best balance and feel, our rods have all day fishability (yes, we said fishability) whether you’re a hardcore derby/tourney angler or just want a rod that delivers utmost sensitivity, balance and control. The iRod Genesis II Series Rods are high quality bass fishing rods that feature premium components and styling, yet retains an affordable price tag. iRod’s Genesis II Series of casting rods offers anglers a full line of 14 technique specific bass fishing rods that encompasses the entire spectrum of bass fishing applications; from worm fishing to chucking the big swimbaits. With design influence from several of the top professional anglers, the iRod Genesis II Rods are designed to meet the needs of bass fishermen from the novice to expert level. We offer the complete line of Genesis II Series Casting and Spinning Rods. The Genesis II Casting Rods from iRod are the second generation of iRod’s lineup of bass fishing rods. The initial success of the Genesis Series inspired iRod to seek out ways to improve their next generation. The result of their introspective analysis resulted in iRod designing the Genesis II rods to be lighter, yet still retain their precise actions and strength. Shop iRod Genesis II Series Spinning Rod
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