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Ahi Giant Squid Jig
Ahi Giant Squid Jig
Our Price: $19.99
P-line Squid Slayer
Our Price: $6.69
Swim the Squid Lure like a Prawn Retreating

The way a squid jig or squid lure works is by imitating the likeness of a prawn right down to the way a prawn swims when it is retreating from danger.

Using a lure to catch a squid starts with learning how to make it swim like a retreating prawn.

When prawns swim normally they swim forward slowly. But when startled they retreat by swimming backwards in short bursts, with a halt in between.

To replicate this action a squid lure or squid jig combines a factor of buoyancy with a counterweight, so you can swim it like a retreating prawn.

The correct swimming action of a prawn retreating is burst, halt, burst halt. The way you replicate this takes advantage of the balance between the slight buoyancy and slight weight of the lure.

You jerk the lure forward a bit with your rod, then let it ‘halt’ then you jerk it forward a bit more, then let it halt…. then you just repeat this swimming action.

The lure does most of the work and you can see how the lure swims, drop it in the water where you can see it right next to the boat or jetty or wherever you are fishing and practice the jerk then halt technique and you can watch it do it’s prawn like retreat.


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