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G. Loomis GLX Flipping Sticks

G Loomis Flipping Sticks

Flipping is an oxymoron of sorts. It’s considered to be a finesse technique, yet it requires brute strength to make it work. The finesse part comes in the presentation. You want your jig or worm to enter the water very quietly because this is close-quarters combat fishing. You need it to drop straight down to make sure you get into the sweet spot next to that piling, bush or rock. You need heavy line because you’re after big fish and you need a rod with some guts so that when you do get bit, you can literally yank it away from the cover, quickly and with authority.

Flipping Sticks used to be a lot stiffer, especially in the tip-section, to allow anglers to “swing” the bait accurately – depending on that stiff tip to help set the hook, but as techniques evolve and styles change, anglers have discovered they have more control and better accuracy with a fast-action rod with a more dynamic tip. They can use the flex in the tip to help accelerate the bait towards the target and they can “mend” the line with their free hand to control the lure’s entry into the water.

We used to make our flipping sticks with telescopic handles, but boat designs have improved and now, most have rod lockers that will accommodate an 8-foot rod, so we changed our rods one-piece configuration. It allows us to create a stronger, more sensitive stick that is noticeably lighter. After a long day on the water, anglers appreciate any weight reduction they can get. It also helps increase tip speed during the hookset and that means more positive control and more power when you need it. These rods are so light for such extreme power, there’s only one word to describe them… ASTONISHING!

Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
BCR874 GLX 7'3" 151 1 14-20 5/16-3/4 Fast Heavy
BCR874 MossyBack 7'3" 151 1 14-20 5/16-3/4 Fast Heavy
BCR875 GLX 7'3" 151 1 17-25 3/8-1 1/2 Fast Mag-Heavy
BCR875 MossyBack 7'3" 151 1 17-25 3/8-1 1/2 Fast Mag-Heavy
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