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G. Loomis Classic Hot Shot Steelhead & Salmon Rods

The “Hot Shot” rods have light to medium tips and magnum butt-sections. They were originally designed to fish steelhead plugs, like the Hot Shot, where the boat actually is positioned at the head of a run, letting the current “pull” the plug down to the fish zone, near the bottom. The boat sweeps back and forth, across the current so the plugs cover the entire width of the river, then slips further down stream, repeating the process. Lure action is monitored by watching the rod tip wiggle as the lure digs for the bottom. When a fish hits the plug, the magnum butt-section actually sets the hook by the force created by the strike, and the boat operator keeps initial tension on the fish until the angler can grab the rod from the holder.

The very nature of this design makes it a good casting tool, and a better fish-fighting tool. Many anglers have discovered they are also very effective for a lot of different applications.

Model Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
HSR1021C (IMX) 8'6" 13 2 10-20 3/8-4 Ex-Fast Mag-Med
HSR9000S (IMX) 7'6" 22 1 6-12 1/4-1/2 Ex-Fast Mag-Light
HSR9000-2S (IMX) 7'6" 22 2 6-12 1/4-1/2 Ex-Fast Mag-Light
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